New Halo 5 Clan - Oblivion!

Hello all,
After reading through the Halo subreddit and the Halo Waypoint forums there was something I thought was missing. Clan support! Why do we play games? Why did Halo thrive as the first game of it’s kind? Because people played together. It was very upsetting to me to see that 343 had completely abandoned the idea of supporting clans in and out of game. I looked all over the internet trying to find a place that supported Halo clans and I couldn’t find it. I wasn’t going to give up though! I thought to myself, why hasn’t someone created a Halo group for all kinds of players? Competitive, causal and everything in between. So, I decided to make it myself. Introducing Oblivion. A new clan fresh into the Halo universe offering support for every kind of player.
Oblivion is now OPEN for recruitment and I’m starting this with only one supporter, me. Right now I am in need of:

  • Officers/Group managers - Stream Team members - YouTube content team members - Competitive Team members (Hoping to see a really good HCS team spring from this) - Regular everyday players!If you have any interest in being in Oblivion then follow the link below and click the “Apply” under recruitment and fill out an application. Halo fans, lets get this started!! (Temporary site we will have to use until we grow to a substantial size)
    Thanks and I hope to talk to you soon!,

Just updating on the fact that I spent the who day revamping the website!

Gt: Monster Props

just looking for a fun group to play with