New halo 4 weapon sounds, the good and bad

So far we have heard a few new weapons from halo 4, so far I only have a few complaints. The DMR, AR, Scattershot, BR, LR, and carbine sound awesome. I don’t like the sound of the new needler, storm rifle, and the magnum. They all sound weak and pathetic when compared to the other weapon sounds revealed. The storm rifle and needler sound like they are shooting compressed air not plasma or explosive needles and the magnum just sounds plain weak when you listen to the reach and CEA sound profiles. I hope that they change these before launch and make them sound cool.


Carbine sounds glorious. I just wish it had the Halo 3 reload sound and animation where it literally launches the magazine out at mach 2 with that badass THUMP.

Energy Sword. It sounds really stupid.

I don’t like the sound of the DMR and BR. They need a more power sound, and less of a star wars sound.

Definitely the Carbine, Battle Rifle, and Energy Sword. The latter two sound terrible, while the Carbine just sounds… wrong.

The pistol sounds really really bad. It sounds like a slosh noise. I hope they do change it.

Also, the storm rifle needs to have a more plasma noie to it.

Could I have a link to the sounds of Halo 4’s weapons? I’ve only heard the BR, DMR, Sniper, and Storm rifle.
Help pl0x.

im pretty sure the magnum is in this. you cant hear it, because it soumds terrible, and it maoes a slosh noise so dont expect a bang bang. im sorry about the commentary, but its 1 in 100 trying to find one without haha.

The BR sound too weak, imo.


I like them…

They seemed fine but not particularly impressive. The spartan sounds are really good but some weapons (like the DMR and pistol) just have really underwhelming sounds.

Some CEA style sound effects would be cool, but I guess generally with multiplayer the focus is on making the weapon sound distinct and recognizable rather than loud and badass.

The sounds are good, but I don’t like how they all sound like metal slapping together.

> The sounds are good, but I don’t like how they all sound like metal slapping together.

but thats what a gun is. metal slapping together

That’s only half the story, the other half is the gunpowder in the shell exploding forcing the round out of the barrel. IMO the BR sounds horrible. NO bass at all and the 3 round burst sounds very muddled. I think they should go listen to the sound of the BR from 2 and 3. The sound is fuller and more distinct, makes the BR sound like somethibg more than an airsoft gun.

They sound like a step backward from the CEA and Reach weapon sounds to me.

They sound fine to me.

I think the gun sounds are very accurate. Having had the chance to fire a real rifle (don’t ask) I think the guns at close range (i.e. when you’re firing it) have a more of a “ting” sound. However, I do agree, when you’re friend is shooting, a louder ‘bang’ needs to be heard. The magnum sounds fine. It sounds like a pot of gunpowder is going off each time one pulls the trigger. It makes the bullets sound actually very powerful.