New halo 4 Unsc controller pic

so I found it guys for those of you purchasing the controller by itself this is it

for those of you who thinks its a leak it is not. this was confirmed earlier today.

mother of god…

what I said when I found the pic

Yup just saw this a bit ago. Interesting that it has a different look than the ones coming with the xbox… not sure if thats good or not.

btw… is the console translucent too? Man I remember when that was a cool thing to do.

Judging by the photos I have seen, the console is somewhat translucent as are the controllers. I will be pre-ordering a Console and I will be purchasing a Halo 4 LE Controller. I’ll sell or trade-in my current 360 after I transfer all the files.

Anybody have any info on the new tritton headset they were using at comic con?


I wonder when its up for sale. It will go nicely with my reachbox tear

Sweet zombie Jesus…

"OMG"I said this about the reach xbox ehhhhh i own the reach edition. in the end halo 4’s xbox is just an xbox with pretty colors with the same guts as reach’s with blue lights. So ill keep my 400 and spend 100 on the LE.

where can i but the halo 4 unsc logo controller