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Hmm seems legit

where did this come from?

I have a funny feeling half of that is just crap uploaded from other video games.
Edit: I also hate the fact that the uploader is one of those people that goes around taking content from other people’s channels and then has the audacity to say “Hey, sub to me, I didn’t make this, but you should do it anyway!”

nope not at all grody grody goo… im going to vomit brb

That’s from the music vidoc. It’s legit, though it’s a pretty poor quality version. You can hear the voices muted in the background.

TBH, the orchestral pieces from this:

sound pretty amazing, from the limited amount we can hear. Halo was always defined by its amazing and emotional orchestral/choir based pieces, and I doubt H4 will be any different. However, it of course has to have the more “action” based pieces, just like Martys scores had - it is a game after all. Though TBH I’m going to guess Neils “action” based pieces will be superior to even martys, just judging by his experience with Massive Attack and such.

Are you guys slow? This is from the Music Trailer.

This is from composing worlds video. Nothing new. He just edited out the voices.

I don’t like it.

I disliked the song all the way up until about the 0:01 mark… :}