New Halo 4 music found...

New Halo 4 music.

What do you think of this beautiful piece of music?

Seriously though… This forum community is too uptight. People need to relax. Halo 4 is in great hands, IMO, and we shouldn’t be slamming every decision that they make - especially when you haven’t even given them a chance to explain why they’re implementing what they are.

You do realize, you just made my day right?

Haha, that also just made my life a tad better.

Here I was expecting the Trololo song…I was wrong. Clever you OP!
Still, Trololo could very well be the themesong to a part of this community…

Seen it before, still funny though!

Reminds me of this :smiley:

Great and hilarious find!

They were already working on halo 4 music 5 years ago. I knew it!!!

Ah, you made my day OP.

Oh. Dear. God.

Wow, I’ve never seen that before. Frankie’s hilarious!

It was very funny, but I couldn’t help being disappointed due to the lack of actual Halo 4 music… :’(

I bet frankie is the secret composer for halo 4

Man, that was so long ago…

I feel old at 18.

hahahaha i love frankie, he is my favorite 343 employee hahahahaha


> They were already working on halo 4 music 8 years ago. I knew it!!!