Discuss, sorry if this was late or a leak

Apparently it’s a leak…my thread was just locked :frowning:

One question: Why isn’t there a game manual for Halo 4 in the LE case?

Quick 343, lock this thread before any of us see the video! It’s not like anyone watches IGN’s videos anyway.

I don’t understand why these keep getting locked…

inb4 lock

there is already a thread about this.

> there is already a thread about this.

yeah, but it’s locked and I don’t understand why it’s locked.
it’s not a leak or anything, it’s from the official ign website. just an unboxing, really.

> there is already a thread about this.

That one was locked.

And this one will be too. I don’t see how it can be a leak unless someone broke into Microsoft HQ and stole it.

I don’t understand it either. IGN posts map walkthroughs and then they post this and it gets locked? IGN reviews games, it’s not like they got it illegally or anything. If anything it’s promoting the game more.

Can we please get an official word as to whether or not we get the 6 specilizations on November 20, 2012 with Standard? I could just save myself 15 bucks and buy the Standard and the map pack access card as well.

Looks ok I guess…the papers are kinda small.

Off topic: Glad to see Ryan McCaffery kicking -Yoink- in his new job. I was a big fan while he was back at OXM with Dan Amrich.

Double post. Fix this website please!