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Here is an article from OXM talking about Halo 4 info:

and here is a cool analysis of it that I found:
"We’ll start with the obvious. Halo 4 picks up immediately after Halo 3’s Legendary Ending where we see the aft of the Dawn tumbling towards the Legendary Planet.
“…it’ll follow on from the events of Halo 3 when you complete it on Legendary. The “Legendary Planet” glimpsed after Master Chief goes into hibernation aboard the ruptured Forward Unto Dawn is the same structure you see at the close of the Halo 4 Awakening trailer.”

We’re practically guaranteed that John will be the only Spartan in Halo 4, 343i have noted “fan displeasure” over the fact that John played no part in Reach. Generally, I think the sales speak for themselves; the games with John in have sold better than those without, obviously ODST was an expansion and Wars was an RTS but ultimately this has taught 343i that the path to further widespread success is sticking to the core foundation of the series.
“Yes, he’s still the hero… aware of fan displeasure over the Chief’s absence in Bungie’s final Halo game, Microsoft and 343 are focussing squarely on John 117 this time.”

And, as has been said before, John has ‘changed’ in some capacity.
“…there’s evidence to the effect that Chief has undergone a psychological shift, with 343 staff hinting at “different behaviours”. It’s possible all that time in cryo-sleep has done nasty things to John’s brainbox. It’s also possible the years of Grunt-popping and Elite-dicing are beginning to drag on his subconscious. Don’t forget - Spartan training is hell on earth, and the Chief hasn’t exactly had it easy since he graduated.”

This is what I like to hear. John is suffering from a degree of psychological trauma after fighting almost non-stop for decades, it’s all finally weighing down upon him, much like the information Cortana absorbed from Halo began to weigh down on her in First Strike when she began to process it all. This certainly looks like interesting territory we’ll be moving into in terms of how John will develop as a character.

But we’re assured that there’s not going to be any drastic personality changes to rival Twilight in terms of angsty teen-slitwristery.
“We’re not expecting a “dark” Chief or anything similarly contrived, mind. The man’s blank-tablet impassivity is key to Halo. The last thing anybody wants him doing is manifesting hidden depths.”

But, following this…
“Cortana, on the other hand…”

Let’s talk about Cortana for a minute. She’s been through a lot since Halo CE:

  • Absorbed all the information from Installation 04’s Control Room, found it difficult to process all of it and it started to weigh her down.

  • Went through a rough spot in First Strike where John started to note that she was acting differently, her tone of voice towards him and actions seemed a little off.

  • Made hundreds of copies of herself that all turned rampant within seconds attempting to combat a ‘Covenant’ AI aboard the Unyielding Hierophant.

  • Went through a very traumatic time with the Gravemind when she was left behind on High Charity, as we saw in Human Weakness (penned by the indomitably grey Karen Traviss) where she began to really question her role in events and built up a hatred for Halsey. We can account this for the melancholy stage of rampancy, a state she seemingly escaped when she was rescued by John.

  • Returned to her state of melancholy aboard the Dawn whilst John was in cryo. She lamented the loss of so many lives in the Human-Covenant war (and the wars before that) and discovered that it was human instinct to want to fight.

So, what do 343i say about what’s next for Cortana?
“Well, she’s an AI. AIs enter a state of Rampancy after seven years on the go - symptoms include delusions of grandeur, hatred of constraints, hatred of one’s maker - and Cortana’s lived a more… interesting life than most. She seems fairly compos mentis in the Awakening trailer, but let’s not forget that she spent much of Halo 3 being cyber-tortured by the Flood Gravemind, and that she’s absorbed massive chunks of Covenant and Forerunner data. That’s an incredibly potent mixture, and the effects will be interesting to watch. She may push through to the hypothetical fourth stage of Rampancy, ‘metastability’, becoming a true person. Or she may “turn evil”, as the kids put it.”

Part 2

This more or less covers the recap I just did, ultimately Cortana has reached a break in the path where she can only go one of two directions. Left or right? Rampancy or metastability? Evidently, this is going to be a very significant aspect of the Reclaimer Trilogy as a whole and has the potential to really change the dynamic of her relationship with John.

When asked if Cortana could be an antagonist…
“It’s possible! But don’t quote us on that.”

So let’s move on to something very significant now - the role of the Flood and the Covenant. Again, let’s recap.


  • ‘Local infestation’ eradicated by the destruction of Installation 04B and [seemingly] the Ark.

  • Gravemind is gone, for now at least as he states that his return has only been delayed. Given what we learn in Primordium, I think it’s very possible that he’s echoing the role of the Timeless One where “you must destroy this servant so another can take its place”.


  • The death of Truth led to the dissolution of the Covenant. The client races disbanded, going back to their original routes as they could no longer be controlled by fear at the hand of the Prophets.

  • Prophets have mysteriously vanished somewhere, abandoning the Brutes in a vicious war of attrition against the Elites (the Great Schism). They’re also descending into another civil war between tribes, the last time this happened they blasted their way back from Tier 4 to Tier 7, so it’s not looking good for the Brutes.

And, as of now, I can officially confirm that the Flood will be making a return in Halo 4, or at some point in the Reclaimer Trilogy.
“The Flood are an unrelenting, implacable threat, and there are plenty of infected Halo installations, ships and planets out there besides the now-defunct Ark and Installation 04, so expect them to make a full return.”

And so what can we expect that will break the mould to make this something unique?
“The Flood are highly adaptable, remember, stealing traits and know-how from any lifeform they assimilate. And assuming they show up, the Covenant probably have a few tricks up their sleeves, races or technology we haven’t seen yet. Halo: Reach gave us new breeds of Jackal. There’s talk in Joe Staten’s Halo novel Contact Harvest of swords made from the same material as Needler ammunition. Watch this space. The real threat, though, may be the Forerunners.”

So here we’ve got hints at new types of Flood, new weaponry turning up and the [possible] threat of the Forerunners bearing down upon us.

Going back to what was said at Halo fest about the Forerunners:
"According to 343’s senior art director Kenneth Scott, the developer is ‘investing heavily in the look and feel of Forerunner. The thing that connected people initially way back in the first Halo experience is that mystery. That’s where a lot of our pressure in the art team is going right now. We want the people to feel that initial experience of discovery.’

“…those facilities may not be populated by robot Sentinels and Enforcers alone. O’Connor told audiences: ‘You’ve lived with inert, static Forerunner abandoned structures. It’s going to be really interesting to see a different aspect of Forerunner engineering and Forerunner architecture when it’s not completely inert and dead and empty.’”

So we know that Sentinels and Enforcers will be making a return, and it’s pretty clear that the Forerunners are going to be coming back too.

As for the UNSC and the role they’ll play.
“If the Covenant put in an encore, humanity won’t be far behind. The Chief will probably need an exit strategy.”

So, from this, we can probably garner that Halo 4 is going to have a large build up of conflict between humanity, the Flood, the Forerunners and remnants of the Covenant. This also goes on to explain a few things about the weapons.

“Well, we’re sure the Forward Unto Dawn has an arsenal… and we suspect that arsenal will contain a few prototype guns.”

Beyond that, we’re sure the Forerunners have a few gizmos knocking around, and the second the Covenant turn their guns on you, we’re sure you’ll be able to turn their guns on them.

More or less confirmation that we will be using an arsenal of Forerunner weaponry against enemies, which seems to be shaping up to be the Covenant as one of the primary antagonists."



Stop posting old stuff!!

> Stop posting old stuff!!

> Cortana will be Halo 4’s antagonist?
> It’s possible! But don’t quote us on that. Fighting Cortana would be one way to vent all that sexual chemistry she and the Chief have built up during their partnership. If you can’t sleep with them, blow them to bits. That’s always been our approach to romance.


Speculation is not info.

Misleading title is misleading.

Not only is this old, it was also posted again earlier today. In plus, it’s quite obvious that it’s mostly speculation on the author’s part and NOT to be taken as official information.