Good find, friend.

When I clicked this thread, I already had my “WHY DID YOU TROLL ME?!” sentence ready to type but I’m so pleased to find out this actually exists. Never even heard this before on previous videos, at least I don’t remember so, but I really dig the style. I can safely say I will be buying the Halo 4 soundtrack album to listen to when I’m not just playing Halo 4.

Mmmm… very dark and mysterious. I will definitely learn to play that on piano soon.

Discovery and apprehension combined… Interesting.

This is pretty old. This is just the music form the director’s cut of the reveal trailer, but still nice to listen to.


Should have expected it, I guess.

I approve.

Nice find. Love the sound of the music tracks so far.

I personally think the Music for Halo 4 “so far” is extremely epic and amazing and would definitely live up to Marty O’Donnell’s expectations! Hopefully the game can be even more epic then the Music!

I have always loved the music of Halo.

Just read a small article on Neil Davidge and Halo 4’s music in the new issue of Edge, it was a great choice by 343 to get this guy.