New Grifball map for MM?

Here is my first grifball map made by TWD26, my cousin XBC Shredator and a few mates from Ninth Games.

The maps name is Paradise it is also called the All star map because we based it off the NFL’s all star game in Hawaii. Its a pretty cool map and its game mode is to be played with Grifball Evolved. Here is a few pics so please tell me how well this map is so i can help my cousin get a Grifball map into MM.

End Game

The Map Link:

I hope you enjoy playing on this map as much as i did making it with my cousin!

You would be better off posting this on the Grifballhub forums. Their maps are what get put on that playlist and their forum is filled with Waypoint goers and nice people.
My own input can tell that by just looking at your map’s pictures, that it needs a lot of work. (there’s a reason why the Grifball maps are placed so high in the sky.)
Also, make sure the Grifball settings are correct and that the map is the correct size for Evolved or Vanilla.

yeah I know Ive playtested its not close to being done I just need some input is all

Then go post it there. They will steer you in the direction for making a map.