New gold skull idea

YMWAC skull (Your mom was a clown)

This skull does what the IWHBYD skull does but instead of affecting in game speech it turns each cutscene into a easter egg.
For exsample
In the first cut scene instead of cortana waking chief up it will be a clown and when he kicks the door open he will have a teddy bear in his hand
In the end the tank that did not beat everything in halo 3 comes back and kills chief

This skull should only be gotten after fighting a secretly hidden brute chieftan thats wiering a clown suit and a wig for a helmet . It fights like a normal brute chieftan intel you pop its shield and a Wuv Woobeam shoots out its mouth making it deadly. after killing it she or he will scream like ugly betty and turn into the skull

what do you think


> no



> > no

Kill this idea with fire.


I lol’d.

Here’s my idea:

A skull that unlocks unused animations.

Did you know that ODSTs in Halo 3 can do a reverse melee?
Did you know that Brute Chieftains in Halo 3 have this King Kong like animation?
Did you know that Carrier Forms can do a short hop over certain objects, sometimes even jumping abnormally higher?

Hmm… I’m sorry, but I’m with the others. xP

It’s a no from me on this idea.

these were just examples.
would of been nice you you said why you say no

Wutchu Talk Bout Willis!?

> these were just examples.
> would of been nice you you said why you say no

I agree with CherokeeChactaw here. Please contribute your ideas and thoughts to the conversation! It’s a lot more fun if you explain yourself :slight_smile:


What is this place,! Please people, explain your “nos”, or we’re just going to have huge empty discussions.

Probably not the example you listed… But stuff like Buck eating an insect out of a monkey’s hair would be fun stuff. (I know that’s happened once, but still… just an example.)

Oh and maybe make it hidden like the aforementioned Easter egg. :slight_smile:

thanks guys
with how many no’s there are its like bungie agien
A idea can’t change unless it knows where to go.
if you just say why you say no this idea could go in a better way.

If its because of the exsamples there just exsamples
nothing more

Nah, I beleive we’d just rather not go there.

cutscenes are to tell story, when you mess with them (Especially in the way you explained it to be like) it turns a childish route,

IWHYBD had a humor anybody could find funny, if I was watching a cutscene and a clown popped out of nowhere I’d quit immediatly to turn the skull off.

lets just keep it to Easter Eggs that are secretly hidden inside the cutscenes, not ruin them by packing them full of childish humor.


No, I’m really afraid of clowns.