New gaming commuinty starting up out west gaming

Out West Gaming is a newly formed multi gaming community with a focus on Halo. Our main mission is to find others to play and grow with. We are looking for a Mix of both casual and competitive players!
What we can offer you is a non-toxic environment as well as to find people who just want to play some video games and unwind and relax.
We have 2 game night events: Fantastic Fridays & Splashin Sunday’s
Members will get to vote on what game will be played each night of the events
There is a lot of room to move up thought the community. We are also looking for members to help run the sever.
The community is made and ran by the members!
Some of the other game we have in our community are but not limited to:
Halo Call Of Duty Apex Fortnite Battlefield Destiny
We also have a Dungeons & Dragon channel for anyone who has interest in playing
We have discord ranks and events
is always open to suggestions on how to make the community better and more open to all gamers around the world
Requirements: - Must join the discord server, must be 15+, must own a working headset or other talking/listening device

  • Be chill and friendly
  • Just play games and have fun
    other questions or interested in joining, please DM me
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Did you use to play Halo 3? name Benny?