new gametypes

can anyone think of a new and original gametype for halo 4 and future titles
‘Campaign’ or ‘Theater’ as examples of what i mean

> can anyone think of a new and original gametype for halo 4 and future titles
> ‘Campaign’ or ‘Theater’ as examples of what i mean

Your being pretty vague and asking ALOT.

> > can anyone think of a new and original gametype for halo 4 and future titles
> > ‘Campaign’ or ‘Theater’ as examples of what i mean
> Your being pretty vague and asking ALOT.

it can be either complicated, or just a simple feature will do

does it have to be fully original or does it only have to be original to halo?

Ever play Star Wars Battlefront 2?

That was an amazing game, anyway to the point SWBF2 had a game mode called Galactic conquest which had you fight for all the known maps one at a time. Lets use the Galactic Civil War for example it Rebels and the Empire both had a ship and they traveled from planet to planet battling each other for control of the galaxy. Whoever took all of the planets won.

I was thinking in Halo there should be two sides: RED, and BLUE (simple right?) for one type, and another that uses: SPARTAN, or ELITES. Here are my thoughts:

The game takes place on one planet, and 10-16 locations (MAPS) are chosen. Lets use 12 for my example: 1 planet counts as your capital and the others are just locations. Each capital is on either side of the map and teams are allowed to chose their capital (None of the other locations can be chosen).

Each team also gets credits: Base 1,000 cR which they can use to purchase vehicles or weapons (Which will spawn on the map if bought).

Each team also has a certain amount of reinforcements (base 2,500).

You have one “ship” that takes you from location to location (you can buy more ships for 1,500 cR) and you take that ship to other locations to battle for them.

When an attacker choses to attack a location they get the option to buy weapons or vehicles to spawn on their side, the Defenders get to chose the gametype played however (to simulate the hometeam advantage).

Each side gets a total of 8 players, if any drop out more can join in. When a map is played that all 8 players of a team will play UNLESS the gametype chosen allows differently, in which case the players not in action will spectate. If there is more than one ship in play than attackers can chose 2+ locations to attack and split their force in two. The leader of each team is voted upon before the beginning of the conquest and he gets to chose who plays and who doesn’t.

The starting weapons (assuming there ARN’T loadouts) will be the SMG (or AR if the SMG isn’t in game) and the Magnum, players again can add weapons to the game via purchase before the battle. You can buy more “loadouts” however and choose between starting weapons. So lets say I can buy AR/Magnum starts for 500cR, BR/Magnum spawns for 1000cR, and BR/AR starts for 1,500cR and etc. These loadouts stay for the duration of the entire conquest.

Power weapons will spawn next to the purchasing teams spawn but cannot be chosen as a loadout.

The game ends when one team loses all of their locations, and or all their reinforcements are destroyed (base 2,500 reinforcements).

Now this would be hard to impliment into MM because of how long the games would last, and the fact that players arn’t always in control. There could be MM for this but . . . I don’t know how well it would fare.

What I was thinking was there was a new option: BATTLE CONQUEST. You enter the lobby and it acts like a custom games lobby. There are the options: Red vs Blue conquest, or Spartan vs Elite conquest, and loads of other options (Like how many locations there are, and how many ships are there at start, and etc). If there was MM for this gametype it would be under BATTLE CONQUEST, and then Match Making services. Then the teams would be chosen and the “era” (RvB, or SvE).

Also under the options . . . are the options for the other team to act as Bots. This way you and your friends could have fun against bots just no exp is earned (or cR depending on the ranking system) unless the bot difficulty is on Heroic or Legendary (Heroic has bots that play like players with a 1.3-1.5 K/D and Legendary acts like players with a 1.75+ K/D (ie always 4-5 shots you with BR or almost ALWAYS gets head shots with a sniper). The bots idea is just a idea, nothing more.

I thought this would be a nice option for Halo 4, could also be benificial as a clan service. I already know one clan that operates like this, so it could be cool in that way also. Again, this is just me speaking my mind, any thoughts?