New Gametypes Need Commendations!

I realize this is just personal opinion, but a huge part of the draw for me to continue playing Halo 5 right now has been the commendations and trying to master them all (started with a focus on Arena and Gametypes since that’s my favorite way to play Halo). While I love Grifball, I only find myself doing that on “try hard” nights for fun since otherwise I feel like I’m wasting my time with that playlist as I’m not progressing any of my commendations there. Which is a real shame. I wish there was a handful of them for each of the new Gametypes… For example, Griball Victor - Win X Number of Games.

It’s kind of taken away from my experience in Arena as well since anytime I see I’m about to play Assault I’m like dang, that’s another whole match I have to now participate in to get another shot at the CTF or Stronghold commendations… If I had a reason to play Assault, I’d be stoked and ready to go when I saw it pop up on my screen, and I’d certainly be actively playing the social Assault playlist! By comparison, I’ve yet to play a single game there, as I don’t feel a draw to do it or get good at that gametype.

Anyone else agree?


I’d also like to see weapon commendations for the Hammer and Halo 2 Battle Rifle. It makes no sense that they added one for the SPNKr but not those two weapons.

Yes i agree it only makes sense if you add new game types/weapons they should have commendation exactly like everything else. Not that they will or need to but they should.