New Gametypes for halo 4. Please look

Every new Halo game offers tons of awesome new gametypes for its core multiplayer offerings. While most multiplayer games just give you the traditional Deathmatch, CTF, Territory gametypes. Halo gives you all that along with many many more.

What makes Halo so unique and fun is its variety. Ya you have straight up slayer, but everything in Halo is customizable. If standard CTF gets boring, then theres always another CTF game variant to keep it fresh. You are rarely doing the same thing over and over again because of game variants within each individual gametype.

Before I start I want you to know exactly what I mean by gametype.

Gamemode: Campaign, Firefight, Multiplayer, etc…

Gametype: Firefight: Genny defense, score attack

Multiplayer: Slayer, CTF, Assault, etc…

Game Variant: Slayer: Shotty Snipes, DMRs CTF: 1 Flag, Neutral Flag etc.

Just so there is no confusion. The following ideas are not new gamemodes or variants of existing gametypes.

These gametypes will be for standard multiplayer Matchmaking.

Generators: Generator Defense was a popular mode in the Reach beta. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one dissapointed it didn’t make it in to the retail game. Though it was fun in firefight, i have always been partial to pvp gametypes. My idea is very simple, take the generator concept and add make it its own competitive gametype. Here are some game variants I’ve thought up.

Team Generators: 2 teams each have there own generator. The goal is for the team to destroy the opponents generator while protecting there generator from the enemy. It will provide a nice balance of sending people out to attack, and leaving people behind to defend. Generators work the same way as in Reach. You can lock them down, and they will have to cool off after awhile. I think this would be a great addition to the objective gametypes and fit right in. It is unique and offers something different

Generator Defense: Just like in the beta. One team is in charge of defending 3 generators, the other must destroy them. Once round is over teams switch roles.

Generator Elimination: 4 teams of 3 each have there own generator. Its a 4 way fight, trying to protect your generator and destroying everyone elses, Person with last generator standing wins. If your generator is destroyed, you lose that round and can not respawn.

DataDownload: This is another objective gamemode. The set up is similar: Each team has an objective called a mainframe. In the standard modes, each mainframe stores 1000 data points. The purpose of the game is to hack the opponents mainframe and take that data and transfer it to your own mainframe. Each player can carry a maximum of 200 data points. Accessing the mainframe does not instantly grant you 200 data points. The transfer process is about 5dp a second. Which means if things get hot, you may only be able to download 50 points or so before you have to get out. Once you have some data points you have to then transfer them to your own base. If you are killed before you reach your own mainframe, you lose all your data. But the data does not return to the enemy. If a teamate has enough space, he can pick up your lost data and continue. If an opponent picks it up however, it will not count towards his existing data points and he can return the points along with his own at the mainframe. So if an enemy had 200 dp he had stolen from your mainframe, and then he kills you and takes the data back, he will transfer not only the 200 he stole, but the data he took from you. Remember, you can only pick it up if it was your own data to begin with. So if your red team and you pick up 200 blue dp. You can not hold anymore blue dp. But if an enemy dies and drops 200 red dp, you can retrieve that along with your blue dp and transfer it. The team who transfers all of the opponents data to there mainframe ( 2000-0) or the team with the most data at the end of the round wins.

That last one was kind long, so i just wanna end with this.

Bring VIP back. it has a lot of potential if handled right.

I would like to see a mashup of Oddball and CTF.