New Gametype - Tug of War

Basically like Infection mixed with Infinity Slayer, but it’s 4v4v4v4(16).
When you kill an enemy player, he’s converted over to your team, and vice versa.
Each kill awards a player with Personal Ordnance.
The less players you have on your team, the better your ordnance will be.
Originally, all player start with the same weapons, perhaps BRs and ARs.
But through ordnance, players may call down the following:
Tier 1 (8 or more Teammates)
Loadout Weapons.
Tier 2 (5 to 7 Teammates)
Armor Abilities.
Tier 3 (4 or less Teammates)
Weaker Power Weapons.
The game will end when…
…the time limit is reached.
…three teams have been eliminated.
…the high score limit of about 80 or so, is reached.
What do you guys think about this?
Imagine going in with three other friends and you all get separated on different teams.
And as the game progresses, you’re slowly reunited.
And maybe, one of your friends is the last man standing in a 1v15.
And then you start the hunt for him.
Would it not be so much fun?
Atleast tell me whether or not you believe this gametype has potential.
Please be honest.

As long as it wasn’t a ‘serious’ gametype that got its own playlist in Matchmaking. We need to go back to the roots for Halo on Xbox One, and we can do that first of all by scrapping the Infinity concept for gametypes.

Oh most definitely.
This would be placed in Multi Team.
Which I consider a casual playlist.

This would be fun for multi team. But for multi team only.

That’s very innovative, but I agree that it shouldn’t be in its own playlist.

It would work for Multi-Team, but I think its style is more suited for Action Sack.
Very, very good idea. That’s way better than all of the INFINITY crap that we have today.

Would be fun, except for the ordnance.

I like it. Sounds more like a custom game than something in Matchmaking though; Maybe Action Sack. I remember playing this in Halo 2, we just forced each other to change teams when we died.

Sounds like a fun concept. Hopefully 343 sees this.

As for playlist, it should either go under Multi-Team or Action Sack (perhaps both).