New Gametype: Forge Battle

I remember one of the vidocs for forge when halo 3 first came in. they mentioned having battles using forge. However as you all know this never happened. This is the opportunity for 343 to create a new and interesting gametype.

The gametype would work as follows. I would see it working almost like the vip playlists in that one member would start as the monitor/vip. If they die, the next person to die becomes the monitor.

It would be like normal slayer, except that each team when they get a kill earn currency for the team, aswell as a point for the kill. This currecncy is used by the monitor to buy items for the team.

It could be possible that other achievements (sprees etc) could earn extra currency for the team aswell.
The items the monitor could buy would not be like normal forge objects, in that they have respawn times. They can purchase weapons for the team to pick up. Once this weapon is used up it dissapears from the map (doesn’t respawn). The same can be said for vehicles. finally the monitor can build a limited amount of structures. Things such as shields/walls to protect the team, or ledges for them to stand on as you float them across the map. Things such as grav lifts to allow them to reach new locations. Or fusion coils to set up traps. this would also be destroyable, or have limited time on the map, to stop the map clogging up from too many bricks. Finally destroying the monitor would give the team bonus points, aswell as stopping it from assisting the team.

Other gametpyes could be done with this method, things such as capture the flag, or assault. The monitors ability to move around quickly also helps the team know what is going on, an unusual but also cool aspect of this gametype.

The monitor could also have a sentinel beam/splazer type weapon (similar to guilty spark in halo3).

People’s opinions on this gametype, whether they’d like to play it, what could be done to make it better, what other cool gametypes it could lead to would be welcome. Think it would be a really fun social gametype (or even ranked :P). If it was also done for larger numbers (could possibly have 2 monitors in a team?) or multi team gametypes could lead to a very chaotic game.

What if there were items you could purchase as the monitor which were destructable, or that could be placed tactically in areas of the map (note all items would probably need to be normal physics mode as opposed to phased (maybe fixed ok)). Imagine if there was the pit, and it’s a game of oddball. What if the monitor could tactically purchase a wall to place in front of the entrance from one of the bases (sniper towers). This would completely change how the map would play. The other team monitor may then need to think about placing something like a gravlift next to the gap in the wall by the bridge, or if the wall is destructable therefore consider setting his team up with rockets.

I think this gametype would allow a whole new battlefield in terms of a halo game. Gears has maps which change throughout a game, impacting the battlefield, like an avalanche or razor sharp hail which means you must take cover. Whilst i don’t necessarily think halo should have this (although would be a cool thing if you could implement it) i think this gametype would prevent an environment which is constantly changing, requiring both teams to change how they approach the situation, or the tactics they make

I would quite like this, would add a decent change to Forge for once.

Also, when Bungie said about Forge Battles, I was assuming they never intended it to be a gametype but a suggestion for people to do for a laugh or ‘teh lolz’.

Yea definately i agree i dont think it was intentional, but things such as ths benefit from a dedicated gametype. I mean it is using existing features in halo games, just turning it into a unique playlist that would put a twist on normal gameplay.

Something i think all maps in halo 4 onwards should have is for them all to be forgeable like forge world in halo reach, and have the items needed to do things like block pathways, which would definately benfit this gametype, aswell as help forgers forge on the maps given to us, rather than just being able to forge on forge world like halo reach.

Wasn’t the very first idea of Forge to have something like this?

Well like i said there was a vidoc on it. I think the idea of it would be interesting, as teamplay would be even more important, and clever spending on weapons/items or structures could help turn a battle.

I think one of the best aspects of this is it would allow the forge box to be completely revolutionsised aswell to cater for this gametype. destructable structures, structures to fit into different maps, the different object skins (covenant, forerunner etc) aswell as new structures would all be great benefits to standard forge.

we dont need pointless gametypes…