New gametype: Firefight forge

Firefight is a great gametype. But if it is in halo 4, in it’s third iteration, it needs to do a few different things to keep people playing it. This is one of the gametypes i have thought up for it. It is firefight/forge combined.

The point of the game is simple. The waves and rounds of firefight work as normal, but the difference is that killing enemies racks up credit for the team aswell as points for the score. This credit is then used to purchase the weapons vehicles you need. This is the basic gametype.

The bigger and more interesting gametype is the same as above, except that you start on a map with a very small (if any) base or resources at your disposal. The credit whilst being used to create weapons will also be required to create a base or structures to defend yourself from. This would be from a set pallet, and so problems such as creating chokeholds may be reduced. The scenery could also maybe be destructable, so again it stops you making a chokehold, and if there are upper levels, contain ramps and stairs. This would mean that just getting the best weapons all the time would be at the cost of somewhere to defend yourself. As the game gets harder, the decisions you made earlier in the game will also determine how successful you are. This could also be good for the generator defence, as there is the added incetive to construct structures over getting weapons as you have something to defend.

The monitor system could work by anyone becoming the monitor whenever they want (can still be attacked), during a fixed period (end of a round) or only 1 at a time. The monitors could have a splazer/sentinel beam weapon to protect themselves from too.

Things such as banshees, drones and wraiths would help ensure many of the possible tricks of the game could be

It would also be awesome to be able to forge firefight maps, not just in the game but outside. Firefight is something which does get repetitive after a while, and i’d love to see if there were more custom options and forgeable maps what people could come up with.

Obviously this is a very brief description, but i feel it would be an interesting perspective to play firefight from. People’s opinions on the ideas, suggestions of their own and criticism is welcome.

Sounds awesome.

Thanks for your support

Does anyone else have any views on this?

LoL no
We dont need pointless gimmicks.
And Forge firefight is not possible. End of discussion