New Gameplay Mechanic in Halo

I know I’m going to get bashed by millions of Halo fanboys, for saying this, but anyway Halo is an insanely generic game series now. It was unique when it started (I have played halo since 2 or so years after Halo: CE cam out some where around Halo 2’s realease, and back then they were something to go crazy about, now they are just generic and boring. They havent changed barely at all except for Equpment, Armor Abillities, Dual Wielding and Bloom (the only things that have been added/chaged to the gameplay mechanics of the game. Dead Space to Dead Space 2 I saw more changes that this, and thats across 2 games not a whole game series. Yes I know things like Forge and Theater were added, but they dont effect the core gameplay, they have a signifigant effect but the core gameplay is still the same. You can add as many things to a game sequel as you want, but unless you make some changes to the core gameplay it will still be the same, it will get boring very quickly. Look at Fallout New Vegas, they did add numerous things like Iron Sights, Commands for Companions, Faction, Weapon Mods Hardcore Mode, Gambling and what not, but it gets realy boring, realy, realy fast because the game plays almost exactly the same, the only thing changing the gameplay from Fallout 3’s gameplay is Iron Sights
And I’ll be honest if you look at Halo 3 that was realy just Halo 2 plus Forge, Theater and Equipment. Forge and Theater were big changes but the only thing keeping gameplay fresh were equipment, Reach was just Halo 3 plus Armor Abillites, Bloom, Better Forge and A new ranking system, and the only thing keeping fresh realy was bloom, AAs are just reusable peices of equipment from Halo 3. I know everyone else here seem to want to play the same game over over, but I want something fresh so guys what are some good new gameplay mechanics for Halo 4

You mess with my core gameplay, you mess with me. Default Halo 4 should be a more traditional Halo with the new additions in their own respective playlists in Matchmaking.

Nothing more.

Really? Because in my opinion Halo 1-ODST are the most unique first person shooters out there. In fact I don’t even think you can call them generic, since they basically revolutionized console fps gaming.

Halo should stay true to its fanbase, instead of trying become something it’s not. Halo doesn’t need these gimmicks like armor abilities, equipment, bloom, or every other game changing, non-skill based mechanic to be a good game, because true fans would know that things like that aren’t Halo. It’s like those people who think that CoD games are just rehashed; they simply base their opinions upon ignorance and misunderstanding and bag on the franchise for the wrong reasons. Little do they know that CoD doesn’t need all this new glammer that people say it needs, because InfinityWard knows (kind of) what makes CoD unique. It’s the same with Halo.

You’ll always hear from me that innovation is an important aspect of any franchise, but the people that want to shove innovation down Halo’s throat annoys me. The best way to refresh the experience is to build upon that experience and broaden its horizons while also staying true to the gameplay formula, not by introducing new mechanics that change the entire experience.

As long as the game plays smoothly, in the case of Halo i only really care about the story of master chief, now that doesnt mean I expect the same from every game but with halo its only about the story for me and game play is just a plus, but thats just me. you can keep the gameplay exactly the same from 1-6 and if the story is great i will play it.

Halo is far from generic it has its own style and its own brand. It is also one of the most flexible FPS’s the video game industry has to offer. It can do it all: story, multiplayer, theater, forge, campaign, machinima, etc. Really the only people I’ve met who never really liked Halo are only the people who never took the time or patience to dive right into it.

I think its the exact opposite, Bungie changed the core gameplay resulting in an angry fanbase that seems to have not discovered the Wypoint forums. Thank God.

You are comparing a FPS game thats life is MM to single player RPGs or Survival Horror. Get a valid argument, and also the game mechanics are fine and if they weren’t then why did they sell so well? Also we don’t need new mechanics like Reach’s, what we need is to stick to the core Halo elements and evolve off of that. Halo: Reach just tosses 9 years of success out the window.

I sort of agree. Think about it, at this point in time, what really separates Halo from any other FPS out there? Gameplay wise. Armor Abilities? Cheap gimmick that a lot of people hate. Different, interesting weapons? I’ll give it that, but a lot of the weapons are the standard FPS affair: Full-auto AR, single shot medium-range rifle, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, etc. Armor customization? Interesting, but really just another bell and/or whistle.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the style doesn’t work, I’m just saying that if it weren’t for the legacy Halo has built up at this point, it wouldn’t really stand out from the crowd. And now… flame-proof-suit, go!

How can you say they didnt add anything EXCEPT…

First off, its a FPS so you can only add so much. Its also a very popular franchise so you cant change too much or you upset the fans. They added plenty:

Forge world

all these plus others already in there such as more vehicles adds greatly to what you can usually do in a FPS. Most other FPSs ONLY do shooting, thats it. The exception is iron sights but this generally isnt needed anyways.

By adding forge and forge world and also making is so that you can create customs there is way more stuff in halo than other games, just look at the Action Sack playlist and the varieties in the objective games.

I think the OP is the typical lazy post where you think you have a point but you really dont.

You say AAs are just reusuable equipment from halo 3. Well yes, but by making people choose them on respawn and being able to use the through out that life is a massive gameplay changer so it isnt JUST xyz.

I think it is great they make new styled games of Halo…
Every game has to evolve into something better, not degrade because you like they way it used to be.
People only complain before the release of a new game, but they seemed to enjoy it after release…

Every game as to evolve. Halo 1,2 were good at the time because they innovate in gameplay being the first really sucessful competitive FPS on console. Halo 3 just took the same recit from Halo 1 & 2 and rehash/resign it into Halo 3. Campaign was not anything ground breaking, gameplay even less. From what I heard from rumor and other source, I think 343i understand they need to put more in Halo 4 in term of gameplay.

What Halo 1,2,3 have right now is the MINIMUM basic to be call a FPS and I would not buy a game that stay forever the same and just rehash thing. I stop buying CoD after WaW (got Modern Warfare 2 for free and i’m happy because the game was awfully the same with more bad crap than the first Modern Warfare).

those arent core gameplay mechanics, io did mention aas, assanations don’t change gameplay they just make mellee flashier

seriously play gears of war they add a significant numbers of new core gemplay mechanics to each game (at leats compared to reach) but none of them change the main Idea of the game, that would be good, alot of new mechanics to make gameplay fresh but keep the core ideas of the game the same, that would work

yes but you get my point is alot other games are evolving faster and halos just the same as the original title

not realy I’m it’s alot like other old school shooters it’s just not as many people make old school shooters anymore, but unreal tournament, doom (by the way they are making a doom 4 :slight_smile: those are old school shooters not vey much unlike halo

battlefield, crysis (even the original had something like creaste a class, in powerstruggle you could save a set of equpment you bought) blacklight and numerous other games are not unlike cod but they do much more unique (except battlefiel) than cod. ODST was the only truly unique one. In fact halo story in almost every game is just the same as marathons just with certain small things like names and locations changed

dude play some old 90s game like marathon (halo is basicaly a marathon rip-off with different names for things) and a game like the old unreal series or the classic quake games alot of things halo has claims for revolutionizng arent realy much of anything, I will say realy all they di is make the first good console fps and multiplayer game (which is a good feat but, heres the thing thats like a record, so what MW2 sold a record breaking amount of copies, that doesnt necasirly mean its good or unique), the only truly revolutionary thing I would be forge, other than that no

How exactly is Halo generic? If anything the masses of cookie cutter war shooters are what’s generic. I think you might be confused as to what the word means.

Changing gameplay mechanics would just send everyone into a frenzy of rage.

I never really get sick of a game because the mechanics are too familiar. If the developers can create a different gaming experience to the previous games (within reason) I’m happy :slight_smile:

it actualy is very generic, like I said to the other guy play some old 90s games, and you lokk at early halo inovations and be like what the -Yoink- this isnt anything, Halo Ce was good, but its wasnt oh my god this amazing!!! like some people are, realy it won mostly in story and being the first good console fps, but there wasnt much invoation in gameplay, old bungie games are much inovative. In fact I will take back the story thing halo ces story was just marathon all over again with different names and locations, halo was good because it was the first good console online multiplayer game, halo 3 because was good because of forge, but tyhat realy affect the core gameplay, im mean its not lik I can all of sudden go into forge mode in matchmaking or campaign (though would be very retarted), theater like things have existed for ages, halo just made a good one in a shooter, most of what makes halo a influentail games isnt innovation it is records, like it was the first good console fps, first good console multiplayer game, not innovative things, when people halo 2 is a template for modern console games they mean it affect things like how console pregame lobbies and friend list were made and managede, it changed nothing on the gameplay side, just the uio, and the only reason for this was because it had the first example of a console multiplayer ui that works well, I would’nt suprise if a different game actualy came up that was bigger and had a different style of ui the templatye would be completely different