New Gamemodes

What new gamemodes would you like to see added to Halo 5? I think they need some more playlists for Arena at this point rather than your random “Holiday Social” or “Weekend Rockets”.

God where do we start? Let me name the big ones.
Team Objective

Then the minor ones that would really add to the game.
For swat, something besides swatnums, swat dmrs, swat carbines for example.
Race types
Rocket race
Action Sack

343 is probably trying to save the gamemodes and classic weapons to use them to spike Halo 5’s population when its down except the population is probably shrinking alot faster than they thought it would. I hope they atleast add one new permanent non competitive gamemode by next month.

I will play Halo 5 until Halo 6 comes out… It sucks that the great playlists aren’t available or aren’t in the pipeline… But I’ll continue to play because I have no choice. Bring back FireFight… I’m tired of playing with randoms and no mics… I’d rather do that and play against waves of bad guys.

I can’t wait for Grifball & Fiesta! I want Team Snipers to return too!