New Gamemode Ideas

Just quickly thinking of some new Gametyoe ideas using the revive mechanic that could work with Halo and wanted to get some thoughts or other ideas from the community.

1 - What about a sort of infection style attrition game mode where you infect people by reviving them rather than just killing them so the humans have a chance to save their comrade. Once a zombie you just respawn like normal. This could just be an option in settings

2 - A slight change to the last but what if it’s teams where you have to get everyone on your team, think tag teams. So whoever revives you, you are then on their team. This may work really well with the new outlines. This is more of a custom game thing as you can’t really make this mode ocmpetitive unless it’s maybe a FFA scoring system but it’s teams where it’s whoever gets the most points via kills and revives.

3 - An execution version of attrition where you can eliminate a player who’s down. You’d do the same thing as you do when reviving but when you do it to an enemy they cannot be revived. Once again, could just be a setting in standard attrition.

No offence to the OP for his creativity but what 343 needs to be doing is getting the tried and true game modes into infinite such as KOTH, juggernaut, Firefight and a vehicle focussed BTB rather than Frankenstein game variations 343 thinks are great but are not… looking at you Attrition…

I actually really like attrition, I just wish it had more rounds. And I agree in that they need to bring back the old modes too, just bringing up ideas.