New gamemode Idea for Multiplayer

A mix between territories, and assault, and a little bit of its own thing…

So basically i have no idea how this game mode would work, but it is meant to be played w/ at least 6 people because it is pretty team based…

I don’t have any spiffy names for this so i will just explain it to you

Basically, the game at its root is Territories. Once the game starts there will be at least 3 plots that each team will try to capture, and more plots on bigger maps/ more players.

However the thing that differentiates this game mode from normal Territories is that once you capture a zone several items/ weapons/ even vehicles (for btb) will spawn in that zone.
So lets take the map Last Resort for example, and lets say that Camp Froman was one of the territories. If the match just started and Red team captured that territory, that territory would now belong to them and become their base and that team would begin respawning there, and not only that but now weapons will start spawning in that zone which can only be picked up by that team. The Blue team can capture this by first destroying it by taking a bomb from their main base and taking it over to that territory and planting it and destroying it. Once that happens the base will be neutral and prone to capturing.

once a team captures all 3 (or however many more) territories taht winning team’s new objective is to destroy the enemy’s main base in a game of generator defense with the losing team on defense.

what do you guys think?

So you fused Invasion/Territories from Reach and Rush/Conquest from Battle Field?

Nice Idea though.