New Game Variants

Dear 343 Industries,
Can we have some new game types in the Infection and Action Sack playlists? Things like dodge ball from Halo 3’s Action Sack would be awesome!!! In addition to the like 5 current game types. I was also a huge fan of Team Punchout or whatever it was called with the plasma pistols…
Also there are so many good community made remakes of old maps so could we get a playlist for Halo 3 game play with no bloom and perhaps one use loadouts to simulate equipment and play it on the community made remakes?
Or in the community folder can there be a custom game playlist featuring game types made by the community that are extremely popular and fun? Things like Duck Hunt, Jump Rope, Jenga, etc… Sometimes it is really hard to get enough people for a good custom game, so having a playlist for it would be AWESOME!!!

Post here if you want to get these options actually put in action or if you have new ideas of your own!