New Game types post here competitive/casual

  • Dodge ball*Have a rectangular plain court like giffball

*With a clear wall divider that will stop you but not the ball.

  • have about 4 oddball balls set evenly spaced on the divider so both sides can race for them.

*about 4v4 match maybe timed with rounds

*Make a time limit to no one side can hold all the ball example: you have 10 seconds to throw the ball or it will have a tiny explosion, reseting the ball but not injuring you.

  • when you get hit by a ball you explode but nobody around you is injured Unless it touched them as well before hitting the ground. You can get multiple people in one throw

  • you can use thruster to boost out of the way

*everyone has one life, maybe you could add a catching the ball idea but it would have to be tricky, like if you see a ball coming towards you you have to pull a trigger with the reticle pointed right on the ball. It would be very difficult to do, and if you don’t catch it right well… your out. But if you catch the ball the other guy is out, and or your first teammate re spawns with 3 ghost seconds that he can only move around so he doesn’t get spawn killed.

*winners are last standing or most people after time is out, have 3-5 rounds

  1. Box ctf

OK so in school I and I’m sure many others had played this style of ctf.

Your courts are the same as the Dodge ball one’s
You get one to two flags on each side closer to the back of each side.

The flags will have a soft kill boundary around them stopping people from camping their flag

You are safe if you’re on your side, but as you cross over to the other, it’s only one hit to kill you. You can only melee to kill.

When you cross over into the other teams area they can kill you with one punch but you are slightly faster and you can only used thruster on the enemies side.

If you get killed you spawn in the enemies safe zone, or jail. In order to get out a teammate must go across to melee you to free you.

The safe zone/jail is also a safe zone for you, it has the Same traits as your base. You can thrust past an enemy run to the safe zone to get closer to their flag. But if you tag/ melee your partner to save them, you both turn a lighter color and Ave a free trip back to your side. If you do save someone you both have to walk back to your base before trying to take their flag.

To win you only have to take one flag and step on your side, but you can grab the flag and toss it quickly, and as long as one of your teammates catch it on your side or catch it then run to to your side you score. 3- 5 rounds.

This game type needs to be tested an adjusted until perfect, use toss able flags or addballs