New Game Type Idea: Tug of War

The game type is pretty simple, but if implemented right; could be a lot of fun.

Say you have two teams of 4, on a small map. Each team is trying to eliminate the opposition and it works like infection: You kill them and they join your team. It works both ways though, so it is a constant struggle to fill up your team!

There would be 5 rounds consisting of 5 minutes each. If, somehow, one team hasn’t won by the end of the 5 minutes then the team with the most people get the point, or it is a tie if it remains 4:4.

There would be no ordanance drops, just the weapons that spawn on the map, no vehicles either.

To make it a little fairer, the last map would gain an oversheild so he has a slight advantage against the 7 players he would be facing.

To me it sounds like a very fun filled game, and if you could do 8 vs 8 then even better! (i do understand that 1 team would have up to 17 players, but maybe for this gametype it could be done!?)

What do you guys think? Any improvements to add?

I used to be in a clan in halo 2/3 days and we used to try stuff like this all the time. this one was actually the best idea but the worst when actually played.
(honor rules)slayer.
games were too short and uninteresting.

This actually sounds really fun. If you make a custom gametype id be happy to try it out with some other guys form the forums.

Didnt they have something slightly similar in Halo 3 except it went on kills and deaths. Points for kills and minus points for deaths. No score limit just a set time. Team with the best KD won at the end.

Sounds fun :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s called Sharks and Dolphins. I played it in gym class from grades 1-5. Fun game.

EDIT: If someone quits or is AFK during a game of this then it would be a bigger issue than other game modes.

OP I like Tug games - you got my vote!!!

In all honesty, switching teams that quickly would get really confusing. I wouldn’t want to have to keep track of which team I’m on, and I consider myself one of the brighter-minded Halo players.

The Tug-of-War gametype I loved in Halo 3 was where two teams play to 50, but each death is -1 point and each kill is +1 point. It was truly a fun time.

Love the idea