New game modes 343 request

Excited so much for forge!!! If you have another game mode put it in the comment. Edit is infected

Action Sack and Infection

Real team snipers!

Not Flood, at least not the Flood from Halo 4, I want a more classic Infection like H2A where I can actually edit the infected settings XD

Dude, grifball was the best game mode ever invented.

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> Dude, grifball was the best game mode ever invented.


I think they should add a game mode called “Annihilation”, (Im making this up btw) Bassically they add two AI’s, A Master Cheif AI, for blue team ofc, and a AI Spartan Locke for red team. The goal in this game mode is simply defend your AI, (who fights for his team) they should make him have 1 extra layer of health so he isnt to easy to kill. But there should be like 5 rounds so if for say i was on blue team if master chief died i lose round vise versa. Basically like break out. :slight_smile: Let me know what you guys think i seem to like the idea. If it gets implamented i would be extremely happy. Btw guys check out my twitch channel, i live stream daily on halo 5 and call of duty bo3. Have a great day/night guys! Twitch - Selix67

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