New Game Mode Suggestions

Halo 5 has plenty of different game modes that alter your stats/abilities and that’s what got me to start thinking about this. One feature that has been largely underdeveloped in the major releases is the ability to play as anything other than a Spartan. With all the game modes that are out there one could argue you already have modes where you don’t play quite like a Spartan. Why not open up the universe a bit more and allow people to play as something other than a Spartan?

These are expansion level or even Halo 6 type suggestions.
Here are some thoughts:
SWAT – Aren’t you basically a marine already? No shield, fewer shots to kill etc… What if for the next major installment the SWAT type gameplay would actually allow you to step into the shoes of a UNSC marine? So all kills would be 1-2 shots, no high jump/ground pound/shield etc, just basic marine on marine matches.

Helljumper – New PvE coop game mode where you take on the role of an ODST, pre-game loadout, drop into a map and have the mission objective of taking over a stronghold or series of objectives. Would have a few call-ins like bombing runs, strafes etc. This would be similar to Warzone Assault, except you would play as an ODST, so no shields but you do have some armor and are tougher than standard marine so would take a few more shots to kill you. And ofc it would be PvE.

Forlorn Hope – This would be an escalating PvE 4 to 8 team coop mission with the objective of delivering a bomb to an enemy ship or base with no respawns. Your base spawn would be as marine, but you could use req cards to spawn as ODSTs or Spartans and of course there would be a pre-loadout. Each successful run would initiate and increasingly difficult scenario. If mission successful, dead teammates would be able to respawn for the next scenario and there would be a brief load screen/loadout intermission between each scenario.

Warzone Factions – This would be similar to warzone but rather than Spartan vs Spartan there would be actual factions – you could play as Covenant, Prometheans etc. Some maps would just have one faction vs one other faction, while other maps would have multiple factions all fighting each other. Each faction would only have access to its own weaponry/tech. You would enter the game as the base warrior for that faction (grunt, marine, etc) and your various req-type cards would allow you to deploy as heavier types of infantry with better weapons, or spawn in faction specific vehicle.

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343 doesn’t have the brain capacity to understand what might be fun for players. So anything fun like you said won’t be in a future game til they regain braincells.

Some really interesting ideas here, I think bringing out new gm’s rather than bringing back old is the way to go, I still think that there is room for classics, but I’m glad h5 gave us modes like breakout and WZ/WZA.

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