New from the Fabrication Department!

Just in from the Fabrication Department, 5 new vehicles have been rolled out.

The Oshkosh HEMTT in 4 variants.

- Oshkosh HEMTT
The naked template variant of the truck, with a flat empty bed.
- Oshkosh M977A4
A cargo variant with added containment rails for transporting cargo and personnel in large quantities.
- Oshkosh M978A4
A refueling variant fitted with an extended fuel tank for transporting fuel for the assorted vehicles used by the UNSC.
- Oshkosh HEMTT A3
A modified cargo model fitted with an added Command & Control Module for management of active combat forces in areas away from reliable communication.
And the new Husky Mine Detection System.
- Husky 2G VMMD
A dedicated mine detection vehicle fitted with ground penetrating radar for detecting and removing buried mines or IEDs.
All these vehicles can be found in my file browser. Keep in mind these are non-functioning and are meant to be used as props or set pieces. They are also very resource intensive, so keep that in mind.