New Forger in need of some assistance!!

Im calling on the community to help me edit this creation of mine

Its called Gungir and i only have it suited for Slayer at the moment

Its a small - Medium sized maps With vehicles < these could do with some ajustments

I have the basis of the forge down to a T (almost :s) im just not good with using the other modes E.g. Infection etc.

I’ve done the best i can to get a feel to the map, Needs some ajustments and a couple of ‘interior’ Designs got about roughly 2K left to play with:

if you have edited this in a way where it doesnt involve some troll deleting the map etc. it would be fantastic if i knew and shown these new forge ways :smiley:

I’m not sure how to help you with your other concerns, but I can give you instructions to make your map work with Infection.

To set your map up for Infection, you need to place at least one Safe Haven on the map – even if Havens are disabled in the gametype you use. That is, add a Hill Marker with the INF_HAVEN gametype label. You also need to give the Humans some Red Team spawns, and give the Zombies some Blue Team spawns.

If any of that confused you, then keep reading.

Basically, you can create objectives on the map using a new feature in Reach called “gametype labels”. You take an object on your map, and give it a gametype label; when you play the map in Custom Games, that label determines what the object does. (So for example, if you apply the KOTH_HILL label to a Warthog, then that Warthog will be a Hill when you play KOTH.) This system is more complicated than the stuff used in Halo 3, but it has one key benefit: anything can be anything.

To create a Safe Haven, you must apply the INF_HAVEN label to something. Most people use labeled Hill Markers. You need at least one Haven on the map for the game to let you load Infection. If you actually want to use Safe Havens, then you’ll need at least two. (Reach only checks for one, but it’ll break mid-game if you have less than two.) No other labels are necessary.

Note that you cannot see a gametype’s labels unless you select it while in the Forge lobby. So to apply the INF_HAVEN label to something, you must select “INFECTION” instead of “BASIC EDITING”, and then start editing your map.

I’m downloading the map now, I’ll give you some feedback after I take a look at it.

Okay, I gave your map a look and I have to say it’s pretty damn good. You have some really great structures and a lot of space for vehicle combat. The only problem I see is tht you have a little to many vehicles. Get rid of a few of the ghosts, mongooses, wraith, and falcon and you’ll have a nice map.

thanks for the feedback, Glad to know at least someone has looked and seen something wrong, I thought when i was putting down the vehicles that there was too many & the wraith was a bit overpowered for the map, Left he falcon in though for a bit of aerial combat.

But yet again thanks for the feedback, Anyone else willing to look at this for me?

Place several dozen more spawns. If the Blue team parks the Wraith in front of the cave, Red team will not be able to get themselves out. Large vehicles and power weapons should be equally accessible from either side at spawn.

I can take a look. Would you mind telling how many players it suits best?

Send me a invite any time i would love to help.(my gamertag is halocyco)