New Forge Mechanics

What do you think should be added to Forge and how
I think that REQ variants for weapons should be in forge and could be selected similarly to the team and physics of an object.
I also think that A.I could just be introduced with simple Spawn points where you can choose from Faction, No. of different enemies, and what team they are allied to or if they are just hostile.
A Phantom piece would be nice as a sort of balance with the Pelican, it would have open, closed and door pieces.
Any other ideas?

I’d love the Phantom, and I’d also love to see a Spirit. One of my things would be unusable vehicles and weapons. So you could have them as map decoration - always loved doing that back when you could deny vehicle entrance and weapon pickup.

They need to fix some bugs and bring back missing features before adding new stuff.

Bug: can’t spawn on Parallax without respawn points, many players unable to access their maps

Missing Features: Proximity Triggers, Trait Zones

I heard they were going to add a Phantom AND REQ stations via Tom French’s Twitter.