New forge map - Pipeline

I’ve been working on a map for about a week now and would like to share it with the community. Though I have messed around with forge in the past, this is my first completed map in any Halo game so please tell me what you think.

It’s an asymmetrical map on Erosion that was built primarily for 4v4 or 5v5 slayer game types. I have set it up to be able to play Oddball and King of the Hill also but no CTF yet(not too sure where I would put the two flags to keep it even.)There are a lot of open firing lanes as well as close quarters areas that would suite any play style. The map was originally inspired by classic halo maps like lockout, ascension, and sanctuary with a central focused design.

Well here’s a little info:

Initial Weapon Spawns:

Shotgun (2.5 min respawn)
Rocket Launcher (3 min respawn)
Sniper Rifle (3 min respawn)
Needler (2.5 min respawn)

There are also 3 locations for random ordinance drops. One of the locations is the center of the map on the higher of the two platforms…this is where an Incinerator will spawn a few minutes into the match.

Random 1: Energy Sword, Concussion Rifle, Sticky Detonator
Random 2: Frag Grenade X2, Overshield, Beam Rifle
Random 3: Railgun, Gravity Hammer, Plasma Grenade X2

Have yet to test this map out with full groups so let me know if there are too many/too few weapons available. I’m putting it up on my fileshare now.


-adjusted spawn points behind red base
-added kill boundaries

Top down view

Behind blue base

The center platform

Another wide shot, this time from behind red base

Ignore that friend request :stuck_out_tongue: I’m taking a look at it now. I’ll have some feedback soon. :slight_smile:

Well I would like to begin by that I was able to get you some higher quality pictures (no offense OP) to really show off your map, feel free to put these in your post. They are hidden below within the spoiler to conserve space. :slight_smile:


Now with that out of the way I will begin my feedback.

[/li]- Map Design - When I first loaded up the map I was pretty skeptical because most custom maps that I’ve downloaded were not that great. I walked around the map for about a half an hour and I think that I’m pretty familiar with the map already. The overall design reminds me of Lockout (h2) mixed with The Cage (Reach) which is not a bad thing because It should play very well when playing competitively.

  • Weapon Location - The Initial and random spawns for the weapons are perfectly placed and balanced. Balanced meaning one team wont have all of the power weapons right from the get go, the two teams actually have to fight for them.

  • Spawn Points - These are probably the most important things about the map that will affect the overall playability of your map. Overall the spawns were excellently placed but there are some that I fear would possibly break the map. For instance behind the blue spawn there are several spawns that are in high traffic areas. I mapped it out and also included recommended locations to move them, once those are fixed the spawns will be perfect! (Image)

  • Kill Boundaries - This map is completely missing Kill boundaries. With a jet pack you are able to reach any spot on this map and will have the ability to camp there with no penalty. If anything the roof over the red spawn should have a “Soft Kill” surrounding it so players will know that it is off limits. The same should be done for the pipes in the center, the very top of the lift, and above the blue spawn have to the left where the pipe is jutting out of the wall.

I really like this map and will have to give it a 3.5/4

Woah thanks a ton! Yeah unfortunately I do not have any kind of capture device so I had to take pictures with my phone :confused:

> Woah thanks a ton! Yeah unfortunately I do not have any kind of capture device so I had to take pictures with my phone :confused:

No problem if you ever make more maps and need screenshots feel free to send me a PM here on waypoint or over XBL, I’d be more than happy to help :slight_smile:

Also I finished my feedback for the map! Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for taking the time to give me all this excellent feedback. I will definitely follow your advice on the spawn points and kill boundaries…honestly for some reason I totally forgot about the kill zones when I was putting the finishing touches on.

I really did enjoy putting this one together so i’m sure I will be working on more in the future. I really appreciate how helpful you have been, thank you again.