NEW FORGE MAP and maybe patches

I felt a little jipped in this last map pack. There was no forgable maps. At least noble had tempest which I made a pretty cool structure in. I think there should be at least one forgable map for each 3 pack if your gonna charge 800 credits. Defiant was cool but not worth the money.

Anyway. I’d like to see one or more of the following.

Jungle temple. Blocks just like the sand maps of H3 but more Aztec looking with thick vines that can be part of the structure. Maybe even breakable for destructive environments.

Snow and ice forge buildings and slippery ice parts.

Go the other way and build over a lava pit.

Zero grav. Build a floating structure between an Anchor and a Corvette with zero grav.

Urban-scape with forgeable buildings and prop vehicles.

Speaking of vehicles. Bring back the Chopper.

I wonder if a patch for forge world can be created to add new parts, weapons and vehicles to forge with in existing forge maps. How about an armor pack? Each of those could get 400+ ms

Like forge world, the creators can create forged maps for match making like pinnacle and the cage.

I don’t know how to get the word to 343 but we should find out so we can make suggestions

This is pretty similar to my post regarding the Forge Ideas when it comes to the snow and desert forge maps. I NEED a big snow map, like Avalanche from Halo 3, just look at my idea in my post I think it’s a perfect way to satisfy peoples needs and wants.

About the new armor for DLC, I think they should be 100% FREE, in a Title Update or something. That way, everyone has the files for the new armor so it’s not like Red Dead Redemption, where they release new skins as DLC but only you and anybody else who has that DLC pack can see your new guy, but the people who don’t have the DLC see a a random Base-game skin. If they did add new armor to Reach, it should be a free update so that everyone has the ability to unlock them with credits and everyone can see that you’re using the newly added armor. At the most, they should have what I just said, but make it so in future map packs, if you buy those it will unlock the new armor without you having to be the required rank or have the required credits.

As for vehicles, I don’t think anything completely new(to Reach) can be added.

Differently skinned Forge Worlds would be cool. The Forrunner alloy does get old after a little while.

I am down with the jungle ruin theme. Make it like the ruins in Machu Picchu or maybe some Aztec ruins. That would be sweet. I always loved Delta Halo! :slight_smile:

Anything new forge related items or maps will always warrant a purchase in my book.

The reason defiant doesnt have forge options is simple, because we have forgeworld. Whats the point of having a map to forge in that 70% of halo players will never play on, because they dont have the map pack.

I would love if 343 released a new forge area for free. This forge area would be completely empty of pre-rendered geometry, to allow for a greater object allowance/budget and at the same time grant better frame-rate. I hear people talking all the time about how they’d love a ‘bigger’ forge-world. Which is an idea I find absolutely proposterus, forgeworld is already TOO BIG, and anything bigger would certainly have drastic effects on this aging CPU.

How many good maps have you ever played that span even half of forge world? NONE. All the good maps I have ever played usually entirely consist of objects and do not implement the pre-rendered geometry AT ALL. So why do you need pre-rendered geometry? For astethics? maybe, but I would gladly sacrifice every single bit of pre-rendered geometry if it meant I could have more objects at a better framerate.

Also, the color property could be used MUCH more effectively on most of the objects