New Forge Group (Anyone can join)

I’m trying to start up a group of people who enjoy Forge. Either by making maps, giving map criticism or by wanting to learn more about how to Forge.

I’m available to help people get a better grasp on using Forge. Anyone can feel free to message me to join the group or to just get some time with me to assist you.

Gamertag: Lyle the Forger

I’m not great at forging and I’ve only made one map (Infection) of note on Halo 3 (Xbox 360). I’d love to learn more about forging. I mostly play competitive Halo but I do enjoy playing fun custom games.

GT: paradlse (that’s an “L” between the “d” and the “s”)

I was just about to post a thread here with the same idea. With the lack of a decent file sharing system in this broken -Yoink- game, I want to be part of a forge community, with people online to play and share creations with each other. If we’re being forced to use a broken system, we have to work around it, and this is how we will.

This group is to help people get more into Forge and to help the online community. Teaching everyone before Halo 5 comes out will let the multiplayer kick off with a running start. If anyone wants help or wants to help message me.

GT: Lyle the Forger

I’ll gladly help. I’ve already added you.

one of s new members is a huge forger who is always looking for people to forge with. He is a former bungie employee and his maps are insane… feel free to visit the website to sign up for the clan if you are interested.

Im down add SGT Re and send me a msg

im making a map named recreant and i have open areas in it and idk what to put there i dont want it to be a btb map but i dont wanna just put random cover

SF has a forge team that has a technological advancement over most clans like creating trackers and a death ray and that stuff and we would love to teach u the ways and make u a fellow forger of the Special Forces me have 25+ members and if u need to now about us go to and go to our YT channel and subscribe

my gt is BionicGamer65

If anyone wants to join in a chat using Kik of all Forgers and Halo fans then message me to be invited it. The chat will allow people to plan gaming sessions and talk about things you may have learned recently in Halo.

My Kik: lyle_the_bluejay