New features Halo 4 should have, and old they should keep.

Who agrees with me when I say that Halo 4 should keep the feature to customize your Spartan any way you want like how it was introduced in Halo Reach. How many agree that it was a great success and the new Halo 4 title should introduce new amor pieces, amor abilities, and also 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios should introduce a new feature which allows gamers to choose how amor pieces can look (Texture Appearance). What if you can make amor pieces look new, used, and damaged? For instance new amor pieces con look beautiful with a sleek paint job, and used pieces can look as if the paint is chipped or faded. Damaged armor can look as if theres gun holes throughout the armor, deep scrathes, and dented shoulder pads. Now what about visors? What if you can make visors change from new to cracked glass detail and be able to change back? I also think everything in Halo Reach (Armor Wise and Forge Wise) was a terrific improvement and success, just give us more pieces to Forge with 343. If you agree with me, help us push 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios to bring it to us in Halo 4 and help our voices be heard so that the gaming community gets what they want. I mean whats Halo without us?

this is BRILLENT!!! i love that idea and you are right on al the stuff that was an improve ment

> Anybody else think Halo 4 should expand on the customization introduced in Reach?
> Halo 4 should have more armor permutations and give us more tools to further customize our spartan. Tools and options to make our armor and visors appear worn, and damaged with bullet holes, scratches and faded paint ect.
> Halo is nothing without it’s fans so if you support any of these options just post in this thread with helpful and constructive ideas. If it gets large enough we could get the attention of 343 Industries who can put these idea into place.


> this is BRILLENT!!! i love that idea and you are right on al the stuff that was an improve ment


I have an idea :3

I would like some environmental assassinations, Such as chucking an enemy off a cliff, shoving an enemy into explosives, or tossing him/her into a destructive machine. I could imagine the epicness :smiley:

If you read the fourms most plays think armor abilities are a fail so scratch that and id rather see my armor take real damage in battle rather then make it look like it did.

has anyone considered that you may not be allowed to customize your armour in the campaign as chief only has green armour and looks like the default.