New Features and old features that could be added

If guys want to add new things in updates here’s and list of 10 things which should be added as I think these will improve halo 5 overall:

  1. Hornets
  2. Dual Wielding needs to return
  3. I dunno if you have already but add AI spawner’s to forge
  4. Playable Elites and Prometheans and add some game mode with all 3 battling each other so 8 on each team, they have to Battle it to defend the gravity lift on a covenant ship if the humans or prometheans get past this then they get onto the ship where they can release captive AI and also blow up areas where they have a weaponry but they will also need to watch their backs because humans and prometheans are battling each other as well the final objective is to blow up the ship or crash land it and escape without dieing.
  5. Bring back the brutes weaponry
  6. bring the flood into warzone it will change the gameplay up so much
  7. Add a bit more armour customization E.G we can change our legs separate arms and if we want or do not want a COD piece 8) Add new gametypes with new starter load outs for arena
    9)Please please please fix the spawns in halo 5 as when I spawn in warzone I get spawned in front of a tank multiple Times
  8. Last but not least a HUGE please add Master Chiefs armour in campaign into multiplayer
    Thank you for reading my feedback and hope you all take time to think about the things I have discussed if anyone thinks I have missed something then please be sure to reply and please keep this a friendly discussion.