New Fav Power Weapon?

What’s everyone’s new favorite power weapon? (Or any power weapon for that matter, not just new)

My personal favorites are the Beam Rifle and all its variants! I love that gun! It’s the reason I have one of my Snipeltaneous medals!

Spartan lazer!!! Nothing better than securing captain hestro for my team

Hmmmm…Hailstorm needler is a beast, same with whiplash railgun, and the splinter grenades. I CANT WAIT UNTIL I GET PROPHETS BANE.

My favorite new weapon is the (New) pistol and BR :smiley:
Favorite power wep would have to be the Hydra Launcher.

Spartan Lazer or Sniper Rifle.

Railgun is a good bit of fun on any map, but for big maps like warzone or BTB the sniper rifle really takes the cake, it’s a lot of fun!

Void’s Tear Plasma Pistol. Fun to use when defending a core. Sucks people into the little black hole thing it makes so it slows down people from bum-rushing the core.

But if we’re talking about base weapons and not variants… Well, The caster is pretty cool. Also a fun tool for defending an armory in Warzone assault… How could anyone pick anything over the E-Sword? Hard to make a clear decision.

Void’s Tear and the upgraded Binary Rifles, I feel like Guilty Spark shooting laser beams (or the Sentinel Beam, my favorite weapon)

Whiplash = <3

Rail gun for me. Thought the distance can becomes an issue. Then the snip3r.


Hydra and Needler

is the needler a power weapon? i understand people are mostly talking about upgraded needlers in warzone but in my opinion it doesnt really count. one may argue that when guns are OP in a game they become “power weapons”, but i think thats a bit of a stretch. (for example, people like Walshy called plasma grenades in halo 3 power weapons because of insta-xplodes)

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but is this asking what is our favorite new power weapons? (hydra, plasma caster, other power weapons that are new to the series or severely changed). or is this asking what is our new favorite power weapon (implying that it wasn’t always your favorite but is now your favorite). otherwise this just seems to be asking what is your favorite power weapon( or that is how everyone is answering. the sniper is not new, and I’m guessing it didn’t just become your favorite in halo 5), and the “new” in the question is quite misleading to me. sniper, beam rifle, later, br, needler, etc are not new weapons, maybe they have been changed slightly but does that make every gun in halo 5 "new’? the pistol is an exception in my mind because it is clearly new and completely different than the pistols in all other halos. your starting weapon is the opposite of a power weapon, and therefore by definition can not be considered a power weapon. it is a powerful weapon, theres a big difference.

. just trying to clarify the original posting because i thought this meant which of the new weapons is my favorite.

the hydra is my new favorite power weapon.

the br, the needler, and the pistol are not by definition power weapons. a starting weapon is the opposite of a power weapon. needlers are not power weapons. ill take rockets over a needler every day.

the new rockets are my new least favorite power weapon. bring back the SPNKR!!!

just for a sidetone, the mongoose is so overpowered it might be considered a power weapon haha. i can’t stand it, the mongoose went from just being a way to get around or capture the flag to a incredibly lethal monster of a vehicle.

Not a power weapon but the needler is ba!!

The Answer, and Hailstorm of course!

Has and always will be the sniper, Not a fan of the new wepons such as the hydra and the plasma caster.