New fat Chief and Fog draw distance graphics errors for classic mode

Firstly then. The new anniversary Chief looks bloody good, right up until you notice his huge fat belly. I obviously can’t be the only one to have noticed it?

Worryingly for the classic mode, there are definite graphics shading errors on geometry way off in the distance. The 343 introduction level cutscene clearly shows (as clear as it can be in fog) how far drawn hill parts are at odds regards to how they are much more dark than would normally be. It’s a graphics emulation error similar to ones you also get when using N64 emulation for pc. It’s not subtle either but very contrastingly bad if you look at where the fog ends on geometry. So not imaginary and definitely a problem that absolutely does not exist in either the already existing and ropey Halo1 emulation or indeed the original game for xbox1. Guys this needs to be fixed

Original without graphics errors

Graphic errors a 3.56 - 3.59 mark - lots of chunks of shading errors in middle of screen regards to far drawn swamp

This serves to only ruin atmosphere if you can see bands on massively contrasting colour like this on the geometry. There could very well be instances of this throughout the campaign as well, given there are a number of areas in Halo1 that draws far off stuff in this particular way. If we’re not vocal about such an issue as this, it could then it slip through 343’s net. The original does in no way have this flaw

Its the ammo belt but yah, I thought he was kinda chunky too. They should just use a reach version with fixed shoulders and knee pads. Paint it right and boom!

I think the belt looks fine, his pelvic area, or his space diaper, is far too fat.
Also I don’t see what errors you are talking about in the environment. It’s also not emulated, they ported the original game to the 360.

well some complications are expected when trying to upgrade a box format to HD 16:9 format

They should of used the PC build. Would of been easier then right?

Don’t know about the fog thing, but regarding the Chief: In Halo 1, his armor was very bulky. He always looked kinda fat to me in CE (especially since I started with Halo 2).

Mk.v suit is very bulky, thats how it is in the canon. And i dont think any part of CEA is running emulated.

I think the anniversary armor looks fantastic. I’ll take your work on the fog thing; but I’m sure they’ll have it fixed by launch.

Other than the shoulders I liked the Reach Mark V way better. The chest is what I’m talking about most. I have and early Halo CE concept art as on of my wall papers and it looks a lot like Reach’s version. Awakening.jpg (1024×904) Now compare it to this awesome work by tdspiral MCPO John-117 by ~TDSpiral. A mix of thoughs to pictures I think would be the best choice.

If they add a rolling fog effect I think that would fix it. If they could pull it off in a few months.

Just added an example link of sorts to show this bad graphics in effect. Very surpised this hasn’t been picked up on by the community. The problem definitely exists and athough 343 may already on this, perhaps they’re not. I don’t want random graphics problems for some of the far drawn geometry when i play classic mode, and nor will a lot of people