New Fanbased Machinima Series

My group and I are writing a story for a machinima and we are interested to hear any ideas that Halo fans have.

So have you already started on the machinima, or are you looking for a story to write about? If you are searching, I’m writing a series about snipers. If you have a story, do you need help with it?

A Machinima about ODST’s going against rebels stealing UNSC and Covenant weapons and it is rumored they have a nuke and plan to use. and maybe have your ODST’s wear different helmets so we the audience can tell them apart.

Your sniper on the ODST fireteam could be wearing a recon helmet and it should be a female that has active camo to suit her sniping skills.

Your heavy weapons specialist like shotguns and rocket launchers and detached machine gun turrets this odst should be a black guy and wear the orbital helmet in a way this is a nod to Halo: Reach’s Emile. and most likely the audience will love him the most but the character will sacrifice himself to save a fellow teammate

And maybe add a rookie to the team who only say few things here and there and wears full ODST armor including the helmet.

The ODST team leader is a noble man with a guilty conscience due to fact that he’s lost past team members by his lead and tries to do everything possible to not make the same mistake twice so he stick’s to the book and doesn’t take any high risk’s this ODST must wear the Mark V helmet not because he’s the leader but because later on in the story you’ll see his heroism and noble side come in to play.

Your fifth and final odst team member should wear the enforcer helmet or the operator helmet this team member is the best driver and pilot and a great mechanic. he’s also good friend with the heavy weapons specialist mainly because he’s always driving the warthogs.

The rebels shouls wear standard recruit armor maybe in SAGE or OLIVE colors so you can tell who they are some wearing different helmet like the Warrior helmet, the Soldier helmet, the Raider helmet, or the Ranger helmet and maybe even the Defender helmet.

If you like these suggestions so far feel free to contact me Gamertag: LoudPack Cooley.

I can tell you more on the character’s background stories but its up to you to create the name’s.

A spartan IV fire team (six Spartans) is sent out to secure unknown cargo from a recovery project of a crash site-
A pelican crash of Cyro tubes containing spartan II survivors was being transported to UNSC Infinity.
(You can film the pelican flying if you use a glitches spartan ops mission or Campain shutdown.)
(Mostly use Forge Island)
The spartan IV’s get to the crash site using Banshees. (Briefly use Ragnarok Crash site on film)

There’s a rebel outpost nearby on a separate island. The Spartans need a ride to get everyone back alive.
The Spartans engage the rebels killing all of them. Then a (use forge) UNSC Ship comes into to view

(possibly modeled after linked picture:

D82-EST Darter | Halo Alpha | Fandom)

Use green screen in forge and if you have the editing tools fly the ship down to the ground.

The Spartans go back up to Infinity.
(Build armor Bay Area in forge and use the big room in erosion to build the set)

Scout armor with female voice, (Palmer) greets the Spartans)

This is just the beginning…


Continue as you see fit if you choose this

Please let us know which one you choose and when it is completed on the forum.

Use Mark V armor for the spartan II’s.

Give rebels ODST armor (black and red or red and black)
Rebel commander: (EOD armor set and Black and Brown)

Spartan weapons

1: Sniper, promethian vision
2: shotgun,
3: Saw, jet pack
4: DMR
5: Energy sword, active Camo
6: Mounted machine gun

Spartan II’s: all carry assault rifles (jet packs optional)

Spartan name ideas:


Good luck!

By the way the spartan team for the spartan IV’s is Shadow

And the spartan II’s are fireteam Delta