New Event Changes

Gotta give credit where it’s due. The new event rewards look incredible. I’m genuinely excited. If this is the balance of rewards going forward in all events, I’d be beyond happy. The items look great, it looks rewarding, and it makes me want to support the game through the store.

All I can say is Thankyou for listening to community feedback. I think the game is awesome and you guys have done so much so fast. Can’t wait for the future of Halo!


Do they look incredible? It’s one coating, two emblems, and a snowflake png backdrop, and you have to play all 10 days in a row to get them. Not complaining I guess since you get anything for free, but the reindeer antlers, santa hat, snowman head, attachments, and all other seen items will be in the shop for $15 and $20. The coating is only for the Mark VII, AR, and Sidekick, because 343 would go bankrupt if they made free coatings for the other weapons, cores, and vehicles.

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The SWAT Event and TENRAI event rewards has been changed as well due to leaks. And this is a huge step in the right direction!

I know the Tenrai rewards will be them taking out XP boosters, grants, and skips (instead of just leaving them in as a bonus), and taking away our purchased items so we can grind for them again (instead of letting us keep them unlocked and refund us), but I saw nothing about a SWAT event

Yeah I mean Tactical Ops… I grew up with Swat :smiley:
Looks like there are no fillers in the event pass

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Same, but I just didn’t see anything about an event. This event actually has some good rewards. Armors, poses, attachments, a visor, that’s actually a very nice set of rewards. GG 343 for this one. Is that the Scorpion Punch coating? Nice.

Where are you seeing what weapons it’s for. That’s sad it’s not for the other ones.

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Hit the nail on the head. All the armor and other stuff that actually looks cool will just be locked behind the $20 weekly bundle while the free stuff we get is the same emblem for different weapons… 343 really fukked up the customization system. It needs a serious revamp.

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In the pictures, the spartans are wearing the coating, and holding an AR and Sidekick with the coating

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