New easter egg

On the map BATTLE CANYON, fly over to the classic picture at red base. When there look over to blue base and you’ll see a rainbow. (Not a double rainbow, just a rainbow)

Pics? Or screenshots

It’s not new, but here’s a pic

Pretty rainbow eh? Even if its not new its pretty cool either way.


This rainbow makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

> relevant:

“What does this mean?”

> > relevant:
> “What does this mean?”

something that would be funny on bungie but sadly isn’t here.

meh it looks like a clound with colors to me

Havent seen that befor looks cool.

It’s an old known easter egg.

I havn’t seen this before but this looks cool.

I don’t even know if you would call this an easter egg tbh. To me it seems like just a part of the environment. Either way it’s still cool though.