New easter egg (?) Hot air balloon with propeller

I’m not sure but I think I found a new easter egg in the Warzone map march on stormbreak, there are alot of space ships in the background but one of them looks alot like a hot air balloon with a propeller, here is a link:

Here is the link. Definitely news to me OP so you might be the first to notice this. Next time I’m on Darkstar I’ll try to get a sniper to get a better look and let you know what I see.

(sorry this is my first post here not sure how it works) but yeah, it was in the first round, and I might take a look at it again tomorrow in cinema mode.

Nice find. Maybe there is something good to find in Warzone for Easter Eggs.

Interesting. I wonder if there’s a trigger for that (like it only happens at X minutes and X seconds) or it’s just random every time.

On my cell phone looks like a giant flood spore.

Sweet find. I’ll keep my eyes open for this.

Haha, that totally looks like a balloon!

It’s actually a weather balloon. I’ve seen one over each base towards the back. It’s hard to see at first but it’s nothing more than a tiny piece of scenery. It’s there with regular Warzone and Firefight. Sorry.

Good find, but my concern about is that it moves in the same direction…for some reason idk why it concerns me, it just does

So here is a closer look at it:

I always see this when I am out looking for enemy team’s banshees and wasps. Still cool nonetheless.