*New Easter Egg found ! half-discovered | Need help*

Hey guys,
my friends and me discovered some strange sounds in the “the package”.
You all know the bride where you and Emile have to jump over it.
But if you want to hear this secret,
hidden and maybe easter egg you have to stop before the bridge and walk on the right site.
When you walk under the rear part of the bridge you will hear a strange sound.
ATTENTION: It is real and no fake !
I can’t describe this sound, you have to discover it by yourself.

Maybe someone can record this sound for the other that they can see it.
Now its the part to help us to find the complete easter egg
or a simple explanation why this sound is there.

So go and find it out :slight_smile:
Please post every progress in this thread. Maybe you save that thread for you.

Sorry, but english isn’t my first language ^^

Cheers and good luck

Actually your English is great.
OT:I have never heard of that before interesting find.

I think I noticed this before myself, though I believe you’re talking about the level The Pillar of Autumn, not the Package, when you have to make the jump over a broken bridge on a mongoose (or a delivery truck or semi, whatever floats your boat). When you make the jump, or sometimes when you walk back to the edge of the bridge, the game plays a sound similar to a quick(1-2 seconds) drum roll on high-hats rising up in pitch. At least, I think that’s what you’re referring to.

its a drum roll thats meant to play when you jump the bridge, at least thats what i think you heard.