New Default Controller Scheme?

So heres my new default setup, which takes into consideration the addition of AAs, Equipment, Torches and Dual Wielding.

War Games (Infinity)
Left Stick: Movement
Right Stick: Aiming
Left Click: Sprint
Right Click: Zoom
Left Trigger: Grenades/Left weapon
Right Trigger: Fire
Left Bumper: Armour Ability/Equipment
Right Bumper: Melee
A: Jump
B: Crouch
X: Reload/Action
Y: Switch Weapon/Reload left weapon
^: Switch between AA and Equipment
v: Use torch
<: Switch Grenades
>: Switch Grenades

Arena (Competitive)
LS: Move
RS: Aim
LC: Crouch
RC: Zoom
LT: Grenades
RT: Fire
LB: AA/Equipment
A: Jump
B: Melee
X: Equipment
Y: Switch Weapon/Reload left weapon
^: nothing
v: Torch
<: Switch Grenades
>: Switch Grenades

EDIT: It should be noted that this is my vision for multiplayer (separate from the one where i think we should go back to CE multiplayer):
War Games (Infinity, semi-casual)
-Sprint, flinch, personal loadouts, some ordinance (in some form, maybe just AAs, equipment and ammo?)
-Movement the same as it currently is

Arena (Competitive playlists)
-No Sprint, descope, no loadouts (except in certain gametypes), no personal or random ordinance, map spawning weapons
-faster base movement speed, higher jump height
-maps modified to compensate for different movement traits

Just give us the ability to RE-MAP our own buttons!

> Just give us the ability to RE-MAP our own buttons!

This. So much this.

> Just give us the ability to RE-MAP our own buttons!

Why does no one ever say that. You’re a genius. No sarcasm.

> Just give us the ability to RE-MAP our own buttons!

This has never been done, and probably won’t be done for one simple reason. BXR.

If players can customise their own layouts, what is to stop someone finding an even more OP button glitch, and exploiting that?

Also, there is a possibility that players could forget to rebind commands, after they’ve been re-assigned or overridden.
It would be really awkward to forget to rebind something like “Reload”…

> Just give us the ability to RE-MAP our own buttons!

If it ain’t broken, mess with it until it breaks.

That seems to be 343i’s mantra, with uneven weapon starts and customizable loadouts. If they’re going to go down this path (and they will, there’s no doubt about it), might as well give us button re-mapping…

As long as they give me recon, I’ll be happy. Also the ability to Ra-Map buttons sounds awesome.

Just so you all know, these are just my ideas for Defaults. I only use the default controls, so i didn’t make up any for say, Bumper Jumper. And it would be nice if they did put in re-mappable buttons, but like MissingSpartan7 said, it could cause unforeseen problems.