I actually didn’t mind Deadlock the way it was, but the powers that be decided change was necessary. Most people seem to like it better, and I was on the fence until I was on the receiving end of a prolonged spawn trap. I went back into theater to record all the worst moments of it from each team member. Upload studio has a segment cap, so I selected all the most traumatizing moments. By the end of the match I had pretty much given up trying.

Deadlock aka Deathtrap

This was a Team Slayer match so I’m not sure how bad the spawns are for CTF or Strongholds. I recall being frustrated a lot with the original map because players would spawn behind me frequently and kill me. However, keeping spawns one sided is not a fair compromise. Please don’t spawn me adjacent to invisible shotgun or rockets. Is that asking too much?

Nice video quality. This is why I probably won’t wear Achilles when my company finally gets it.