New dead marine LASO Easter egg *** New Find***

We know that some things only appear on Legendary. Some Bobs, and data pads are only found at this difficulty. Not long ago I found some some Easter eggs invoving the Dead Marine hanging there on a wall in Winter Contingency. There is another Easter egg invoving LASO and this same dead marine. It has been said his face is that of Sgt Forge. If you play this level with LASO. His face changes to frequently seen Marcus Lehto face. I have only been able to make this happen on Legendary with all skulls on. Please feel free verify my find. I think as a community we need to pay close attention for more LASO changes in campaign. When I say LASO, I mean no Blind skull like in the challenges.

Carter and Forge looked alike before Reach went Gold. The biggest difference being the widow’s peak on Forge’s head.

The pics you link, I see some Spanish guy, not a Forge look-alike.

Forge has returned from the grave!!! Only to die again. Par.

heh, that’s weird. Just saw it myself