New Criticism and ideas on the Sandbox

So they’re fixing progression. They’re adding playlists. So now can we shift gears and talk about game balance?

  • The Commando needs its gameplay statistics looked at. At range its too inaccurate, BUT. If you make it too accurate it will be OP. So I’m thinking of making it similar to the Light Rifle, it becomes a semi-auto weapon with a slight damage boost when scoped in? It would make it a viable piece of sandbox, and make it unique.
  • The Plasma Carbine needs a projectile speed boost.
  • The Mangler just plain needs a slight accuracy boost to make it better and more consistent when fired from the hip.
  • The Ravager is amazing when charged. For a buff I’d recommend just reducing its charge-up time slightly and make it vent quicker after a recharge.

Let’s talk about NEW WEAPONS!
I know a lot of you wanna see the return of old weapons…I don’t. I wanna see new, never before seen weapons.

  • The MA2B “Assault Carbine” - You guys remember it from the books, right? In the game lets give it a reflex sight like the H5 Battle Rifle. In Scope-in, it fires a 2 round burst at a higher rate then the BR, but out of scope it has a 40 round magazine and a slightly higher ROF but slightly lower damage then the MA40 Assault Rifle.
  • The Golf Club - HOLE IN ONE!

What about Vehicles…Yea, I have a good idea…

  • The Prowler - The Most underrated and underappreciated vehicle of all time, the Banished version is the same as its Halo 3 version, except in place of a plasma cannon it gets a “Ravager Turret” that is full auto instead of burst fire, and when charged the fire radius is bigger. The Ravager projectiles would also be bluish purple to signify that its a hotter, heavier weapon.