New Crimson map pack announcement

Yesterday (Nov. 29th) 343i announced that the Crimson map pack, which will include three new maps and a new playlist, will be released on Dec. 10th ( As I am sure many of you realized, there are still three maps on Halo 4 that are not played in matchmaking, or at least, I have not been able to play (Ravine, Erosion, and Impact). My question is, given that there are still three untouched maps on the Halo 4 game disc, is it still a good idea to release the Crimson map pack this early?

I am also curious to see what you guys thought of the maps Halo 4 shipped with. Personally, I only really enjoy playing Ragnarok and Ravine, and seeing as Ravine is not played online, I got kind of shafted. However, Adrift has grown on me, especially for CTF. I personally despise the other maps, although they are playable. I think that Haven encourages grenade spamming, Abandon is too easy for a team in a party to dominate by taking the high ground and spawn killing, and whenever I play Complex (and this only seems to happen on Complex) my frame rate drops to crap, especially if I am playing split screen online with another person. Exile takes a large, open map and forces most players on the map into a few tight corridors in order to avoid vehicles like the Scorpion and Gauss Warthog. Meltdown and Longbow are well built maps, but for some reason I have a tough time really enjoying myself on them (although that could be a product of the people I am playing with).

I was excited for the new maps until I saw the trailer. My hope was that 343i would add a few more maps which are genuinely fun to play, rather than more of the same poorly executed Halo 4 maps that shipped with the game that are basically built around armor abilities rather than long sight lines and proper distribution of cover. None of the three new maps seem have the same indescribable spark that was in the maps from previous Halo games. I enjoyed the maps from the first three Halos the best (Guardian, Valhalla, Prisoner, Chill Out, Damnation, Blood Gulch, Ascension, Sidewinder, Lockout, Construct, High Ground, Narrows, The Pit, Sandtrap, and Hang 'Em High to name a few) and I found a few of Halo: Reach’s maps fun as well (Asylum, Sword Base, and Powerhouse). I would actually pay for remakes of the good old maps (although jetpack has kind of ruined the mechanics of a few of those maps). I would also like to see remakes of the PC exclusive Halo:CE maps. I loved Gephyrophobia, Death Island, Danger Canyon, and Infinity. These are the maps that I enjoyed, and I would like to see similarly fun maps in the new map packs.