new costumization idea

Hey all forum memebers
so we all know that we can chose the colors for our spartans(primary and secondary) ,then i saw jorge(no i dont want a tertiary)what im trying to say is that how about if we can select a color for each part oof our armo(arms,legs,head,chest) i mean its not like itll be to difficult like adding new armour and it can be difficult because if bungie could add the halo reach beta to odst then i guess adding this would be piece of cake (or if not tthen we can add it to future games)

Im completely ready to be wrong

btw i come from a non english speaking country

Hey I love the fact that even though you don’t come from an English speaking country you were able to work in tertiary. So yeah, with armor colors. Wow, for me that sounds like a lot of color coordinating going on. I don’t know about ya’ll but I get a little overwhelmed when I am looking at primary and secondary colors for my Spartan, not to mention my emblem. The first time I checked out that whole emblem thing I thought I was gonna cry with all the possible combinations I could come up with.

But hey, some of you guys are way better at the color blending than I am. So I say yes, to one and all with colors and more colors. What the heck, I’ll just have to spend a little more time checking out if my Spatan looks better in different shades of pink or blue or green or…Oh boy I think I’m gettin’ a headache already.

I was thinking the same thing. I also noticed we’re missing the armor detail option too…

im pretty ssure that not everyone will go sunshine lollipops with rainbows and all i would personally have all red except chest thats blue and a black helmet