New Controller

After reading this article I want this controller even more. I need it. Thoughts? Seems pricey, but after playing with it, it’s worth is apparently known. Steep price tag, but sounds worth it.

Pricey indeed, but damn do I want one. Ability to map your own buttons? Removable/adjustable paddles (that could be amazing for clutch control on racing games)? Customisable sticks and D-Pad? Hellz yeah! I just have 1 requirement - it needs to have Halo decals all over it. I saw a Gears one and it looked so great

Yeah, I want one. Yeah, I’ll get one.

But mapping those extra triggers seems like an unfair advantage to me. I’ll do it. Especially as it obviously has the blessing of Microsoft. They built it, after all. But I’m not entirely sure how good I’ll feel about it.

Late to the party here, but oh yeah for sure do I want one of those controllers.

It seems nice, but if you ask me… why the heck can’t you map the buttons with just a regular controller? seems like a bit of a cash grab.