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I was wondering, many things in the games and such may seem a bit underpowered or not as evolved as they should be due to game mechanics and balancing reasons. I am led to believe that in fiction terms, they are more advanced and evolved than they are in games. I was wondering if this is the case and if the new material, such as the new books, will cover the technical details to prove how that tech is more advanced even if it seems less advanced.

Not sure who would be the best one to answer, Vociferous or Total sellout but if you can answer I will gladly accept a response. Also, if any other moderators like Veronica, could you direct the thread to the appropriate person?

Good question - but super broad for my simple brain to handle all at once. :slight_smile:

Can you provide an example of a weapon or vehicle that you have in mind?

I’ll give two or three, this might get a bit complicated:

Scorpion - M808B MBT: Certain people say that the scorpion tank is a step back from our modern tanks. What could it possibly justify/overthrow the statement? When compared to a modern tank, what could it have that makes it superior? Specially in survivability. Things like that.

Warthog - M12 FAV: A bit like the one above. The advantages of such vehicle, could it be that it’s easy to modify? Module-like? I am curious on what it could have against using current tech.

MA5 series - How could it hold against a modern gun too. Even though it uses similar rounds used today, could it be that when used correctly, they can have great accuracy and better penetration?

It’s those things like that.

When dealing with science fiction, in this case halo, certain stuff is sacrificed for balance and gameplay and is designed that way. That is understandable, but there are ways to justify that in a way that it makes them what people would except, the advancements in technology. Let’s just take a knife for example, I’ll make this stuff up. Knives in real life are smaller than those in X series. In X series they were made bigger to fit the character’s model and general theme. The problem would be that the knives are heavier and less practical. The fiction solution would be that the knives are made of a certain alloy that makes them lighter than current knives and more resistant as well as better at cutting.

It is what I’m wondering, if future fiction will have those fiction solutions.
Thanks Vociferous :slight_smile:

> It is what I’m wondering, if future fiction will have those fiction solutions.
> Thanks Vociferous :slight_smile:

Like I said before, this is a great question - it’s unfortunately one without a single, across the board answer. Part of Halo’s allure for me (as a fan specifically) has always been the careful balancing act it conducts between sandbox elements like gameplay, story, and logic.

As I’m not a designer, I won’t speak to the gameplay aspect of it, but having written a few words on weapons and vehicles, I’m always eager to provide an explanation for the way something operates in-game or why something functions in an anachronistic or seemingly counterintuitive way. One thing I can say is that some of these things we’ll openly discuss (as we have in the Visual Guide and on Waypoint) and others we’d prefer to let you guys debate. Keep in mind that if we offered explanations for every single thing in the universe, then you guys might stop chatting about Halo. That’d be a fairly sad day for us on this end! :slight_smile:

Here’s something that can work for every scenario, it’s extremely cost effective.

Okay, I hope I can still get some details from time to time [:)].

I hope you saw my halo mmo UI screenshot.