New Content for Halo 2 Classic/Halo 2 Anniversary

Halo 2 Anniversary Map DLC For Future Updates :
For a future Season Update, for Halo 2 Anniversary, I think It would be an awesome idea to remake all of the Halo 2 classic Maps for Halo 2 Anniversary, more or less a Map DLC for Halo 2 Anniversary. So far we only have Zenith, Bloodline, Awash, Remnant, Stone town, Lockdown, Shrine and Skyward. It would be nice to see more big team battle maps like District for Halo 2 Anniversary. In my personal opinion, I feel like all of the other halo games have gotten some kind of season update but for Halo 2 classic or Halo 2 Anniversary not as much content.

Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer Customization And Halo 2 Classic Multiplayer Customization :
For customization, It would be awesome if we could use the Elites from the Campaign in the multiplayer. Some examples would be the High Councilor Elite Amour, Honor Guard Elite Amour, Heretic Leader Amour, Arbiter Elite Armor, those are just some examples, there are also the Minor and Major variants and other types of Elites that I did not mention.(Please feel free to fix me if the names of the different classes of Elites in Halo 2 mention where wrong)

Halo 2 Classic for future Updates: :
For Halo 2 Classic, the models and textures of the weapons, vehicles, and the player models could get an update similar to Halo CE and Halo 3. So far those updates makes the game look newer and more eye appealing. Anything from weapon and vehicle skins would be fine. Also a toggle switch would be much needed to keep the game as original as possible for those who wish to keep the game like that. Similar to the toggle switch for Halo 3.

Halo 2 Classic Multiplayer Hit Register :
Please fix the hit register for Halo 2; a similar fix that was done to Halo 3 could work for Halo 2 Hit registration problems but it might be more than just a simple fix.

"Halo 2 Code is a mess":
I understand why people say that as development was rushed for Halo 2 Classic, but I feel like 343i has the talent to do something with Halo 2 Classic.

Halo 2 Anniversary Forge :
Updating and adding more content to Halo 2 Anniversary forge would be great so the Halo Community could make good use of it.

Bonus Content For Halo 2 Classic::
Halo 2 Vista launched back in 2007 along with a Map Editor (Forge Mode). Adding a Forge Mode to Halo 2 Classic would be good for the Halo community to make new maps and content for Halo 2 Classic. One good map to add to Halo 2 Classic is the same map that is shown in the trailer in the video described below. I name of the map is called Example and comes with Halo 2 Vista along with the Map Editor.

Here is a video of the Halo 2 Vista Trailer That Shows The Map Editor (Please Add this Map Editor To MCC, Don’t let these Assets go to waste)


The Map Editor portion starts at 0:42-0:55 along with the Map “Example” that is shown using the Map Editor in Halo 2 Vista. Porting the Map “Example” over to MCC and adding it to matchmade games or host custom games would be great as well.

Halo 2 Vista Custom Maps that where made using the Map Editor:
Some Halo 2 Vista Custom Maps could be added to the MCC that where made by the Map Editor as new content. One good map is Frostbite along with many other maps. All of the other Halo games seem to get new content so adding new content to Halo 2 Classic would be nice.

Halo 2 Cut Missions/Content:
Adding some of Halo 2 Classic Cut Content would be great for the Modding Community and for MCC in general.

Halo 2 Anniversary Spectre:
Another great idea is the Halo 2 Anniversary Spectre coming over to multiplayer, so far its only in campaign for H2A. I think its one of the missing vehicles in Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayers. The addition of this vehicle would be great for custom games and matchmade games or an Elite themed game type as well. Not sure if it would be easy to just port over the model to multiplayer, and also adding this would make it on par with Halo 2 Classic.

Halo 2 Anniversary Campaign Covenant Sniper Model not in H2A Multiplayer:
I’m pretty confident that the H2A Campaign Covenant Sniper Model is not used in H2A multiplayer for some reason. It would be nice to see the H2A Campaign Sniper model in the multiplayer instead of using what looks like the Halo 4 Covenant model sniper. It would keep things more true to their classic counterparts.

More Halo 2 Themed Avatars/Nameplates:
More Halo 2 Themed Nameplates would be a great addition to the game along with Halo 2 Themed Avatars. Also I noticed that the Avatars have a description under it that tells you how to unlock them which is very useful, but once you unlock them, the description goes away and it would be nice to still know how you unlocked them.

One Avatar that I would really like to see come back is the Halo 2 Anniversary, I think this one is exclusive to a handful of players when it was released back in 2014 December as a gift from 343. If I remember correctly there a few other emblems and avatars that were gifted as well. Maybe we could see those in the future.

Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary Custom Browser
Hopefully both of these games can be added to the custom browser some time in the future. I can wait to see what fun custom games can be played in H2C and H2A.

MCC file limit:
It would be great to see the file limit be a higher limit or even better not have a file limit as long as there is space on your Hard drive/SDD to save all of the custom maps and custom game types.

Final Note:
Halo 2 Anniversary was meant to celebrate Halo 2 10th Anniversary with upgraded graphic/cinematics which was very well received. But I feel like other games in the collection has received more love and attention (not saying that Halo 2 Classic/Anniversary hasn’t receive attention or love) which is all good news to hear and make that population of halo players happy and wanting to play the game more. But I feel like time is running out to see some kind of Season Update for those 2 games and Celebrate Halo 2 10th Anniversary the way it was suppose to be celebrated and received back when it launched with all of the Halo 2 Classic Maps Remastered for Halo 2 Anniversary.

Good Job 343i:
So far 343i is doing a good job bring more content to MCC and porting those games over to PC and get new and old players to come back and play the game once more. Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary are the only 2 games that mainly have not gotten as much content compared to the other Halo games in MCC. It would be nice to see content for those 2 games.

If New Maps where to be Remastered, what new maps would you guys like to see?

Any feedback from the community is greatly appreciated!


I fully agree with all of those. Halo 2 has been sorely lacking in content and updates during all 8 seasons. I hope there’s some halo 2 updates in the near future!


There was a flighting and development post about 343 looking to fix bugs and problems in the original HCE and H2C netcode. It’s not clear if this will be just in campaign or not.

I would like to see new content in for H2. Aside from the one armor set for H2A there has been nothing. Hopefully we get content for both H2A and H2C at some point. I think it’s very likely we see more cosemetics for H2A.

Regarding maps, it’s unclear if 343 will continue to develop more content ie maps for H2A. I know it’s possible we may get more Halo Online Maps ported to H3. We would have to see if future flights what 343 is currently working on.


Any of this would be nice, but I don’t think we’ll get anything other than some bug fixes, and whatever H2A cosmetics were in the pipeline for season 9 and 10 (pre cancelation)

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And we should definitely be able to customize vehicles in Halo 2: Anniversary because I want to be able to race with cool looking vehicle skins.


I’m gonna try tackling these point by point


  • due to the post infinite downscaling, it’s highly unlikely they will be touching on this one. if there were maps already in the works, they might pick the furthest along in development to finish, or they could wind up just porting over either Pitfall or Ragnarok from Halo 4, regardless the chances are still really slim.

H2A and H2C customization

  • H2C is likely a write-off judging by how big of an undertaking it would be, even if I think it could be done in a fashion similar to MCC’s original customization system. Elite choices are a given, and there are Models for Spartan armor from Halo 3’s beta that could work for Halo 2 Spartans, but it could potentially break graphics and hit detection worse than it already has been which is likely why they’d avoid it. bigger things to do anyways.
  • H2A did have some more permutations that were in the files iirc, from Visor Colors and skins to the Warrior armor from Halo 4, so there could be more that’s planned there.

H2C Future Updates, Hit reg, and Code etc
speed round for these next few:

  • same as last, too many variables they would probably be concerned with avoiding, as well as more gameplay oriented things they might wanna fix instead like the restoring of the Silenced SMG or the GPMG, etc. problem is they have to balance the game fixes on a razors edge to try and keep Halo 2 playing like Halo 2, while also adding and fixing as much as they can to the rest of the collection such as rolling out the H2A Forge fixes and content they were considering.

Example and Custom Maps

  • whole heartedly agree, especially since the Beach_Example map was essentially a ready-to-go 4v4/2v2 map that could be recreated as a built-in map on the H2A Forge Canvas Awash, and the better known 2v2/1v1 Forerunner_Example map could be recreated as a built-in map on the Forge Canvas Skyward. hopefully these could eventually kickstart a Community Update affair where the best maps are added officially for ALL titles

H2A Specter

  • possibly doable if they decide to port over and finish the Cut Storm Revenant from Halo 4, since it’s essentially the same Vehicle about 80% finished for the same engine. If they do this though, I’d hope they also consider bringing over the Cut Halo 4 Forerunner Burst Pistol and the Halo 4 Gravity Hammer to help expand some custom gametypes

The H2A MP Beam Rifle

  • Somehow the Halo 5 H2 Model is correct, yet the H2A model is the incorrect Halo 4 model. This issue even extends to the Mark VI in both games since the H2A Gen 1 version has the wrong waist and chest, while the Halo 5 Gen 1 version has the right waist and chest but the wrong everything else (it’s like the torso is flipped and the H2A one was supposed to be the Halo 5 one while the Halo 5 one was supposed to be the H2A one). if they could fix it, that would be stellar.

and that’s about it, if I didn’t reply to some, it’s because I couldn’t really think of anything to add, or a prior point explained it enough that I felt it would be repetitive.

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Seeing new content for Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary sounds like a really great idea, since Halo 3 and have had all of the new content for the past few seasons. Its nice to switch things up every once in a while.

One of the ideas that I really liked and sounds interesting is adding Elite customization for Halo 2 Anniversary, this sounds really doable, I feel like that should have been part of the MCC 20 Years of Halo new content. The Elites in Halo 2 Anniversary Campaign already look great and it would be nice to be able to customize your Elite in Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer like the ones in Halo 2 Anniversary Campaign.

Adding the Map editor to MCC sounds like a really great ideas as well. People could make and port maps from other Halo games. That Map editor has so much potential for new maps and custom games as well to be played on. Porting existing Halo 2 Vista maps would be a plus for Halo 2 Classic, just like they can port Halo 3 Online content over to MCC, why not for Halo 2 Classic.

I do agree with a Halo 2 themed season, new avatars, new nameplates, customization for Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary and new maps for Halo 2 Anniversary would be even better.

As for the sniper model in Halo 2 Anniversary, it would be great if they can bring the one from Halo 2 Anniversary over to Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer, not sure why they would use a different model. Same goes for the spectre, being able to use the spectre in Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer would be a great addition.


We need Halo 2 And Halo 2A IN DA CUSTOM GAME BROWSER!!!


I agree with the Elite customization for Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary. I think that would help out a lot as there is very few option for Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary comparted to the other Halo games.

Adding the Spectre to Halo 2 Anniversary and Halo 2 Anniversary forge would help with adding a variety of vehicles.

But adding new maps would be even better. Halo 2 Anniversary really lacks on maps compared to the other Halo games in the collection. Even adding forge made maps would be okay but actually maps developed by 343 would be better in the long run.

Bringing Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary to the custom browser to play custom games sounds amazing and fun and we really need to bring the remaining Halo games to the custom browser.

As for the Halo 2 Anniversary model, not sure why they didn’t use the one from the Halo 2 Anniversary campaign. I feel like using the one from campaign would make it more true to its classic counter part.

Bringing over the Halo 2 Vista map editor and adding maps that where created with the map editor to MCC would really good, if they can port Halo Online maps over to MCC why not Halo 2 Vista maps that where created using the Halo 2 Vista map editor.


Yes, I agree 100% would love all of this.


Ironically enough three of the maps we could use in H2A to make it a complete game are now in different games. Turf, Ivory and Midship.


It would nice to have that map editor for customs. Currently the H2c customs community has little to use. Changing weapon or vehicle spawns for Tower of Power, Cops & Robbers, etc, would liven thing up and bring in new players. Along with it being added to the custom browser maybe we won’t be dead in the water any longer.

It would also be a great idea to add Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary to the custom browser to bring up the popluation a bit. People could also share their custom maps for Halo 2 Anniversary on there and all different kind of game types.


When ever the next update comes for mcc, bringing Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary over to the custom browser would be great. I do hope that they add new content to Halo 2 Anniversary and Halo 2 Classic as well.